Whats in my Bag?

What’s in My Bag

Hi everyone! how is everyone doing today?I thought of doing this post to talk about what I carry in my bag, I will also be making a video a short 10min youtube video showcasing what I always carry in my bag. Again this can be different for different people as we all have different tastes and needs when we go outside from time to time for work, leisure or otherwise.I like to carry a tote bag if I am going out for more than a few hours. I also sometimes love a universal backpack like the kinds by fjallravel kanken. I have one in navy blue and I absolutely love it. Carrying a medium to large bag ensures I have everything I need handy and accessible. Its sustainable and environment friendly as I am not contributing to thrash or getting plastic bags.

With that said let’s get into what I would typically carry in my handbag.Starting in the decreasing order of relevance, first comes my smartphone and its charger.I keep a wander wallet attached to my smartphone with some cards ad cash for easy access.So that I wouldn’t need a big ass purse or bag every time I step out for an errand. Next,I would never go out without a pair of sunglasses They provide protection from UV light.

Next item would be a snack, I usually carry small packets of almond biscotti, chocolates and such. Sometimes a fruit like a banana, an apple or berries are great to have. They are full of energy and helps me stay full. I also like to carry a small water bottle just in case.You want to make sure you are well hydrated at all times.

Next up would be a scarf and a spare pair of flats, this is absolutely essential if I am going anywhere at night or if I have big shoes on. If I am travelling in cold weatherI also add a small sweatshirt or jacket in my bag for quick access and to stay warm.I also like to have sunscreen, a hand cream, a tinted lip balm and an eye liner for when I want to look a little bit put together. I don’t usually prefer too much makeup because its really dusty in India and it tends to clog pores.No one wants that so minimalistic makeup. I like to carry moisturising wipes for both sanitation and to wipe my face as one does.

Next up, your wallet.I feel I should have mentioned wallet on the top but I guess with digital wallets becoming so popular most of us don’t carry cash on our person. I usually have a wander wallet attached to my phone and that is where I keep a couple of my credit cards, a few notes of cash if needed.I also like to carry some change just in case.Don’t forget to carry keys if you have any.Given we live in a digital world I also like to carry a portable power bank for my smartphone just in case I run out of battery juice and yes my smartphone.I also carry a scrunchie for my hair and a clip-on.I am in love with face masks, especially if you’re on a long haul flight or just travelling in the city for too long.

Since we are in the middle of the pandemic I never go out without a mask and a small bottle of sanitiser.Masks are essential for most places and I strongly recommend having them with you at all times.I also like to carry a couple of my favourite crystals and lucky charms, rose quartz, an amethyst and a pyrite crystal. This is again something very personal to me.I also like to carry my secret perfume which is a personal blend that I selected for myself. But you can carry your favourite fragrance you love.However , if you were to ask me I would recommend Charlotte Tilbury Scent of a Dream.

That’s all folks !

I hope you enjoyed reading, love your support and encouragement. I love hearing from you all, comment down below and let me know what you like to carry in your bag.

Much Love


Guide to a Minimalist Closet

Minimalism has taken the world by storm. Not only does a minimalist lifestyle eases the burden on overused credit cards, financial uncertainty and environmental concerns it also teaches you that there is more to life than material possessions.Being a minimalist is a state of mind, and not a set of rules.It helps you focus. Decluttering is therapeutic and helps relieve the stress.Open spaces also spark creativity and joy.

Less stuff means more money 🙂

Lets declutter and reduce our possessions in the holiday season and start the New year on a fresh note.Get rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy and happiness in your life. I will tell you my experience. My closet was crammed with what used to be my favourite clothes, most of which I’d only worn a few times. The room was filled with all the things I’d taken up as hobbies and then gotten tired of.I had a photography backdrop with a huge stand lying in one corner, a yoga ball in the other, an old grill in another corner just rusting away. Once I took a pledge to get more organised my whole place changed. I have lot of space in my room , its bright and clean and so open.  

“Less is More “

How to cleanse a.k.a closet detox ?

Getting rid of things can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. I like to make it just a little bit easier by breaking it down into smaller, more achievable steps.Clean by category Handbags, Purses, Clothes, Shoes, Accessories , Beauty Products, Office & Media, General Household Items, Junk drawers, Kitchen Items, Phone & Apps, Email Inbox, Personal stuff like photos, cards,Hobby supplies, sentimental items.Most important of all clear your mind.

Tips for a Minimalist Closet.How to develop new habits and get rid of old ones ?Basics of a minimalist’s closet.Cleaning your closet can be quite hard. There is stuff in there that has sentimental value and of course financial value. Have you ever cringed looking at an outfit that you spent hundreds of dollars to purchase but hardly wore? Here is a tip, if there is anything in your closet that you haven’t worn for more than 2 months, its time to say goodbye to it.

If there is anything worn out, washed off or faded or just something you got bored wearing, take it out and donate to someone who needs it.Drop it off at a NGO, or a orphanage, those people will thank you.The mere fact that you can bring happiness to someone in need is a great feeling.If someone asks me to pick 10 items for my closet these would make the cut:

Shirt – white, blue, red

Outerwear – a denim and a faux leather, a  

Extra – a khaki trench coat

Tank Top – black, white ,grey

Tee — black, white ,grey

Jeans – a dark blue and a light blue

Trousers – a black and a navy blue 

Dress – a LBD, a sequinned dress

Shoes – black pumps, canvas sneaker or an espadrille

Accessories- a watch, a pair of earrings and statement necklace 

Handbag- a convertible tote with a clutch or a backpack 

For beauty and cosmetics I would like homemade soap, body scrub, butter and lip balm. Two lipsticks , one in red and one in coral would be great, a lip gloss in baby pink or nude would be perfection. One perfume, red must by bodyshop and for hair, Moroccan coconut oil base organic shampoo & conditioner.

Hope you enjoyed reading, do try out the DIY products and share your experiences in comments. If you wish to connect with me or share any ideas or suggestion feel free to write to me at mailto: theclosetweekly@gmail.com . Before you go, don’t forget to download the free quick guide to help you get started on a minimalist lifestyle.

Much Love


Qoi Porter

Qoi Porter “Affordable Fashion”

Quoi Porter is french for ‘What to Wear’ which sums up the dilemma every woman goes through in the morning.Don’t we all want to stay up to date with the current trends and wish to have couture in our wardrobe? But what happens when we go out shopping and find the cost exceeding a weeks paycheque ?Do I really need that pair of boots? Should I spend 10k on that exquisite leather biker jacket? to answer these questions go ahead and read my post on splurge vs save 

Nevertheless the struggle of refreshing your workwear and your wardrobe can be a daunting task.Everthing these days is expensive be it a pair of casual denims or formal trousers.I would recommend you to shop in times of discounts and launches.Keep your shopping cart ready and bill when you get free coupons or otherwise.Some items will come on sale within a months time and clearance sales can be quite effective to stock up on trousers,shirts,tees and denims where the styles doesn’t go out of fashion.Make sure you’re on track for your basics and essentials.

Plan what your outfit will be the night before to avoid wasting the wee hours of the morning and draining out your energy.This goes a long way and reduces the daily mental fatigue of picking an ensemble to wear. You wont realise you would be tiring yourself out making trivial decisions and choices be it for clothing or accessories or what to eat.Plan these the night before and you will realise you have a fresh boost of energy and feel much more refreshed throughout the day.Freeing your brain of useless trivial decision making will make you more productive at work.

Where to Find Affordable Fashion?

  • As I mentioned earlier watch out for sales and discount coupons.There are quite a few e-commerce websites like Myntra, Amazon, Koovs which giveaway great items on surprisingly low prices during sales.Keep a track of the sales and offers by downloading their app.Set an alarm to avoid missing discounts on specific days. 
  • Look out for luxury brands and try to get the same items in knock-off sales or get them  
  • tailor-made.Investing in a good tailor will go a long way in custom fitting your clothes as well as helping you getting designs stitched instead of buying in stores. 
  • Go shopping the first day of the sale, the later you go the worse it gets.Sizes go unavailable real quick. 
  • Brands like Max,Pantaloons,Bata,People,Aureila are very affordable and they have started coming up with good designs also.For items like essentials,tees,scarves go ahead and  
  • bulk buy at these stores.Invest in monochrome pieces as you can style them for almost any occasion. 
  • Buy in local stores and during carnivals, a little bit of street shopping never hurt anyone.You can get some real good stuff in places like Goa,Commercial Street in Bangalore,Janpath,Chandni Chowk in Delhi.YES you’re right I mean THRIFTSTORE FASHION.I was never a brand freak myself and I believe style can exist in the most unexpected places.Thiftstores have a lot of vintage and gypsy styles. 
  • Get creative with your DIYs , add a trip of tribal fabric or some lace to a thriftstore jacket and creative awesome designs for yourself.

Thats all for now, hope you enjoyed reading.Share in comments about your shopping habits for daily wear pieces in your closet.

Much Love