50 Things to Be Happy About

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Well you don’t really need a reason to be happy. But with the capitalistic and materialistic society we live in , we need “reasons” to be happy. so here is a list. Print it out and add it to your refrigerator. Let the gratefulness warm your hearts everyday.Do what makes you happy and you will never have a dull moment.Own less do more, think less, worry less be happy.Being happy already you will suddenly realise that the things you were always seeking did not matter so much after all…

Let go of things that worry you, frustrate you or make you sad. Practise mindfulness and feel centred. Practise deep breathing in times of panic, anxiety and distress. With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at 50 classic “list” things to be happy about. Make your own list of things or just use this list of reasons to be happy (and maybe even spread a little link love).The secret sauce to happiness is being content and grateful for what you already have. Remember on a bad day, ..

“Surrender to what is , make peace with what was and have faith in what will be”

Live each day as your last and you will never have any regrets in life.Do more of what makes you happy and what sets your soul on fire.Happiness is silence and reflection. Increase your proximity from negative people.Live a life where you compare yourself with your past self not others. Start taking control of your life by taking the responsibility for what happened to you in the past and the present. Quit complaining and the constant habit of winning. pageI am also linking a happy printable planner (from Pinterest) for you to later work on. Stop trying to impress everyone, thats the perfect recipe for sadness. Also set daily goals and work on achieving them.

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Here goes the list.

1. For being healthy

2. For being able to see, touch, smell, taste and hear everything around us

3. For having a roof over my head

4. For having enough to eat

5. Being able to follow your passion

6. Having the freedom to travel

7. On giving & receiving kindness

8. Having enough money to get by each day

9. People who you care & love

10. Special Moments and Memories

11. Victories and small wins

12. Blooming flowers & buzzing bees

13. The sound of birds chirping

14. Sunshine

15. Air,Water and access to both

16. Cupcakes & coffee

17. Pretty Shoes

18. Warm hugs & kisses

19. Interwebs make you more connected

20. Hot Coffee in the Morning

21. Umbrella in the Rain

22. Walk by the Ocean

23. Early Morning Jog

24. Chocolate in all forms

25. Lavender scented candles

26. Discounts when shopping

27. Flowers & Ikibana

28. Pottery & Paintings

29. Watching waves in the sea

30. Swimming

31. Doing Yoga everyday

32. Playing with little kids

33. Making your dear ones feel special

34. Feeling Loved

35. Cooking a lovely meal

36. Playing with a Fluffy Pet

37. Connecting & sharing with others

38. Buzzing bees and Cicadas

39. Fireworks on Christmas & New Year

40. Watching your favourite team win

41. Lighting Diyas on Diwali

42. Weekend DIYs

43. Binge Watching on Netflix

44. Movie Marathon on Weekends

45. Game of Thrones all the way

46. Reading a Good Book under the Shade of a Tree

47. Taking a hike through the wilderness

48. Cycling on the mountain trail

49. Watering your Garden

50. For being alive !!

Don’t PROCRASTINATE and live in the present. Wallowing about the past or fretting about the future not only robs your today of happiness it also depletes your energy to take action.

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Much Love