What To Pack in Your Carry-On?

HOW I pack my bag for flying OR driving on a road trip! Tips and ideas with carry on hacks you need to know! The Ultimate packing ideas. Fit everything you need in your luggage and bag.I wish y’all get lot so of opportunities and time to travel the world, its such a enriching experience. I love to travel as and when I can but there are certain things that need to be taken care of before you head out. Especially if you are taking a long flight or a long trip on the road you must decide what to carry outside your closet? How do you organise and pack your suitcase? What must you carry? The first rule of thumb is to travel light. Make sure you only pack the essentials because in case you have to carry your luggage it can be a total nightmare to lug around heavy stuff you don’t even need. This is not the time to prioritize fit over function.Now before we go deep into carry-on and basics lets talk a little bit about KonMari, Marie Kondo. Please note this is NOT a sponsored post I just thought it worth mentioning her folding techniques and closet organization tips.


Travel Essentials

I know most of you love to travel so do I. I don’t get as  much vacation time as  I would like because of my hectic work schedule but when I do I make sure to make the best of it. This post is about travel gear, things you absolutely need to have anytime you step outside the house. These are basic essentials , nothing too fancy. This is the list of my go-to items to carry in a purse, backpack and carry-on.


How to Stay Pretty When You’re 35000FT In The Air

1. Keep Dehydration at Bay I can’t stress this enough but you gotta stay hydrated. Make sure you keep a water bottle filled at all times and keep sipping. Stay away from alcohol and the need to indulge. Dehydration will cost you and is key in staying pretty. Water is what keeps your skin supple, your hair bright and shinny and full of energy. 2. Silk Scarf,  Neck Pillow, Eye Mask Check Check Check Maintaining a good posture is so important to avoid body pain and sore muscles after landing. You may notice that your hair gets dry and frizzy after the fligth and one  way to avoid it is to use a silk scarf on your hair to keep friction and static checked. Using a neck pillow will help you stay cozy and eye mask will ensure a dark peaceful sleep at all times in the flight.Do read my post on jetlag for more on sleep during the flight, linked right here.  3.Moisturize  Every few hours make sure you moisturize your skin, preferrably with a paraben and sulphate free body butter or lotion. You can make some at home , read my post on homemade cosmetics for the reciepe. […]


Trip to Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, is a symbol of love and listed as one of the seven wonders of the world. Situated in Agra, India this architectural marvel was constructed over 400 years back. This blog post is all about tips on how to plan a trip to Taj Mahal.


10 Tips to beat JetLag

When you’re traveling east it gets harder to fall asleep and when you travel west it can be hard to stay up. Jetlag is caused due to variation in light.Jump start your sleep , minimize shock to your body


Christmas Special Post, Things I Am Grateful For

Christmas Special Post, things I am grateful for


Gardening, Homegrown Vegetables

  Gardening is almost therapeutic in nature.The first step to being a good gardener is understanding the fundamentals. Whether you are seeking advice for your flower garden, vegetable garden, or simply your lawn, I have compiled all the best gardening tools, techniques, tips and tricks to help your garden flourish.No garden, no problem. Bring a little green into your life with your very own greenhouse. Bringing together for you the best tips and tricks for maintaining healthy, lush indoor plants.There are few things more satisfying than growing your own food.This post is inspired by Martha Stewart’s home gardening post. You can read it right here.   However, maintaining a vegetable garden isn’t exactly the easiest — strawberries can be shy, lettuce tends to be a little stingy at first, and tomatoes? Those are feast or famine. Whatever it is you are growing, here are some vegetable garden ideas to gobble up.I will tell you all you need to get started on a simple quick and easy home gardening kit and where you can buy it .I recommend mud pots over cement or plastic or synthetic polymer clay based. Mud not only ensures proper drainage but also keep the plant cool and […]


A Memorable Trip to the Capital of India – New Delhi

  Delhi is a land of so many flavours. There are so many places for street shopping and uncountable number of handicraft shops all over the place. Above I am wearing an embroidered white kurta with a Handloom Patterned Indian jacket panel work. I got this while thrift shopping in Central Delhi, Janpath.I had been meaning to write this post for quite some time but for some reason I kept forgetting.I have been to Delhi quite a few times as its near my home and the city and the capital of India is exquisite and so colourful.It has a lot to offer when  it comes to food, fashion and sightseeing.     So one of my close friends from college is getting married in Delhi.Besides the wedding I also had some sightseeing and food safari on my mind.So here is how I organised my travel essentials and planned my time.Key to a happy trip is effective planning and packing light.So all I have is a backpack and a small trolley as luggage.I would usually limit to a rucksack but then because there is a Indian engagement it can never be minimalistic.I also took a print out of the Delhi Metro for ease of travel […]


Lucknow Travel Diaries

    Lucknow town with simplicity and immense history. The town is popular all across India as “Tehszeeb Ka shehar” meaning city with culture. The first banner you would see on landing in Lucknow would read “”Muskurayae Janab Aap Lucknow Mae Hain” which roughly translates to smile because you are in Lucknow now.Sure you will find the streets quite dirty , covered in paan (beetle leaf) stains and potholes, to which I saw welcome to Lucknow. The only issues a tourist would face here , especially females is the constant gawking from total strangers, eve teasing and catcalling on the streets. It wont be surprising if total strangers grope you or slap you inappropriately on busy roads. To that I would say I apologise for the state of affairs in this city. We have unfortunate government here and it justifies such creepy acts by saying “boys will be boys”.   “Muskurayae Janab Aap Lucknow Mae Hain”   Carry a pepper spray and a stun gun if you’re coming from outside of India and you will be pretty safe. Avoid public transport and refrain from talking to the insanely talkative and nosy cab drivers . Amidst all this evil, its proximity to […]


Where is your boarding pass? Where next? Happy Holidays 🎄