Fight Like A Girl

  A year back I wrote this post titled “Fight Like A Girl” when I got very moved by a huffington post article .A soul stirring article here inspired me to write this blog post.I am been working on this post since several days but haven’t found it complete till this point.Thinking of the trauma and stress both physical and emotional that they have to go through sends a chill down my spine.90% of women after having been diagnosed with non-metastatic forms of breast cancer survive but the struggle is quite expensive , its a painful journey and like every war it leaves you with scars.Women fighting this battle alone need a lot of emotional support and confidence to come back to their usual self.   Its an extremely sensitive topic to write on and haven’t seen personal instances of people suffering and surviving from breast cancer.It’s so troubling to know that breast cancer affects 1/8 women all around the world. These numbers seem to be growing and are a constant reminder to us about how fragile life is.What is it that’s causing cancer to be so widespread.Is it hereditary ? Is it our diet ? Is it the stress from our hectic […]