Imbolc Celebration

Imbolc Bath Ritual

Imbolc means “in the belly”.To be envisioned in the snow covered earth , where in the belly of mother earth are faint stirrings of seeds making ready for spring.This is a time for cleansing and purification.We mark the return of the sun, and prepare for the coming season of reappearance of the warmth.The beginning of February marks the festival of Imbolc, an ancient Celtic celebration to welcome back the return of the Sun and Spring.We sweep away the old welcoming new ideas, perspectives and goals. Imbolc is a great way to celebrate the gift of living through another winter as well as to sow seeds and make plans for your future. I use Imbolc to meditate on the goals I would like to accomplish and to realign myself. Also known as Candlemas, Imbolc, Brigid’s Day, and Oimelc, this holiday is usually celebrated from sundown on February 1 through the day of February 2.

Imbolc is associated with the deity Brigid, the protector of the hearth, happiness and healing.Her origin story differs from Celtic pagan to Christian faiths, but everyone pretty much agrees that she is the Maiden, who blesses our crops and gives us sweet-smelling Spring flowers and the most joyful of all worldly creatures: tiny, dancing, bouncing lambs (insert love heart emoji eyes here). When I spent my first early February in Ireland with my partner’s family, I was amazed to see how seriously people took what they call St. Brigid’s Day. Everyone hung an item of clothing out of the window, and Brigid’s crosses popped up in the hands of children everywhere after making them at school.

Goddess Brigid

Coming to celebrating imbolc, there are various ways. You can go foraging for wild flowers in the forest, light candles, prepare the brigid cross and hang it in every room of your house.I have hung pine branches, juniper or eucalyptus branches from my shower for the water to run through. Candles anywhere in the bathroom, and I even laid smooth, rounded stones on top of my bath mat to stand on. Kind of like bringing the outdoors in.You can also DIY a brigid doll.My top ten choices of stones that can be helpful dealing with the many emotions and themes of this season would be Amethyst, Moonstone,Carnelian.

Having a camp or bonfire is quite traditional for Imbolc, but using your Yule tree feels extra special. It symbolises the ever-turning Wheel of Life, and also uses what you have. Imbolc embraces that ever-present energy that moves us forward, that reminds us every stage of life is temporary. Symbolically, Imbolc is the Goddess’s respite after giving birth to the God (Sun) on the Winter Solstice. It’s a time of renewal and renewed strength, which we see in the sun as it slowly gains momentum and dominance over the nighttime hours. The earth is preparing for germination and fertility in the spring, collecting its energies and regaining power.

Many celebrate Imbolc as the Festival of Fire. Bonfires and candles are therefore appropriate for celebration, as are the colours seen in a fire—white, yellow, and orange. Light green can also be used if you’re honouring the lead-up to spring. Spicy foods are the perfect way to represent the growing warmth of the earth as nature begins to shed the heavy chill of winter.Smudge your home If Imbolc is a time of renewal and cleansing, then now is the time to smoke out any funky energy left over from the holidays

Set the mood by lighting candles & turning off harsh overhead light. Light some incense or diffuse essential oils with a scent you find soothing or inspiring. Play some music, if you find that relaxing.

How To: Imbolc Bath Ritual
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Magical Crafting

Hi everyone ! welcome.This is my first blog post on magical crafts and I am really excited to share with you some of my favourite blends and spells I use for day to day. Today, 30th December 2020 marks the beginning of the cold moon, the last moon of this year.I know this year has not been easy for most of us.There has been a lot of anxiety, fear and stress.Our mind is riddled with negative emotion and living in the constant state of overwhelm has become the norm. There are things I would recommend to do while you’re home to calm your nerves and add mindfulness and gratitude to your life.

No matter how hard things have been this year always remember to live in the moment.There is one thing this year has taught us and that is we must value everything we have because its finite. We learn to value things only after they are long lost. Another important practice that has helped me during this year 2020 is practising gratitude before I start and end my day. Little things every day make a huge impact. When we truly understand our lives purpose and indulge in our higher self , the higher vibration, the one that truly resonates with us we are one with the universe.

I know I transgressed but it was important. Your mental, physical and spiritual space must be your own. A common and simple magical craft is protection magic, most people prefer to first cleanse , banish and protect in that order. In this post I am going to be talking about a powerful and potent magical condiment – the black salt. Its easy to make and requires very few inexpensive ingredients.

However, as with most things in life and in magick, Black Salt can have a darker, more sinister side as well. In addition to all of its beneficial uses in light-hearted witchcraft,Black Salt is also said to be a popular ingredient for crafting magickal hexes or dark curses to ensnare one’s enemies and make them suffer. That said, the use of such dark and toxic magick goes against everything that I believe in and strive for as a good witch, so I will only be focusing on the use of Black Salt for powerful protection and spiritual cleansing.Metaphysically, witches and other magick practitioners use black salt to absorb negative energies, spiritually toxic vibes, and to protect us from our enemies. I love to use it for everything from soaking up a bad mood to driving away toxic people from my life. This stuff is truly amazing!

Black Salt

Please feel free to customise your black salt as you like it. I typically like to start by cleansing my space by burning sage and incense. In my black salt I add table salt, ground up egg shells, frankincense, myrrh, peppercorns, resin, rosemary, coal, thorns from a rose bush, lemon verbena, camphor and left over ashes.I have made a small video for purposes of illustration to serve as a visual guide and to give you some idea on how to get started. I feel this is my personal blend for black salt, everybody does it slightly different.

Home Cleansing Ritual and Black Salt Recipe

I posted a few snaps to Instagram from when I was making the black salt.Follow me on @akan_s_ha on insta for the deets and live updates.

Spiritual Protection

Be it an individual who doesn’t like you and is throwing magical shade or be it an unwanted spirit, witches HAVE to learn how to protect themselves from spiritual attack. I’ve been through it all with spirits and witches trying to attack my psyche. Here’s how I get rid of unwanted entities and protect from all sorts of spiritual intrusion on a regular basis. It’s something I like to call protective magical maintenance.

3 Important Steps for Spiritual Protection(credits: Steven Lewellen)

1. Cleansing (Your FIRST Step for Spirit Protection)

Cleansing is so important to keep you and your home free of negative energy build-up. Negative energy builds and stagnates. And if it’s not removed spiritually, negative energy causes all sorts of problems in the home: depression, discord (arguments), illness, and it attracts malevolent spirits. Negative energy leaves you more susceptible to psychic attacks. It weakens your shield.How often should I cleanse my house and self?Some people think one smoke-cleansing ritual in their house is enough to protect them from future intrusion and attacks. Sorry, folks. One cleansing ritual isn’t enough. I recommend cleansing your home once a month. Or after illness, death, or other tragedies or intrusions of any kind. If you sense an unwanted spirit is in your house, cleansing combined with banishing is required (see below for more info. on how to eradicate a spirit).

Cleansing your space with smoke is one of the most effective methods, but not everyone can use smoke. Other cleansing rituals include using sound (bells and high vibe music), sweeping with your besom, and/or spraying a cleansing infusion all over the house. Here’s our full article on the various cleansing methods, if you need to learn more.Cleanse yourself AT LEAST once a month. Once a week is better! It’s as easy as taking a cleansing ritual bath OR shower. Or smoke-cleansing with an herb bundle of your choice. I prefer rosemary but sage, palo santo, cedar, sweetgrass and juniper are also great options.

Burning Sage along with Frankincense & Myrrh , Cleansing your space with smoke

2. Laying Wards (And Re-charging Them)

Once you’ve cleansed your home and self, it’s time to lay wards around your home and/or property. What is a ward? A ward is a magical object that’s job is to “ward off” negative energy, spirits, and dark magic. Your choices for powerful wards include: 4 pieces of black tourmaline or obsidian, OR 4 small statues of a protective god/spirit/angel. Yet another option is to use rocks from your property and paint or draw protective symbols on them.

Charge your wards with your intentions to protect your property and home. Hold them in your hands and visualize your intentions. I anoint my wards in protection oil to give them an extra kick. Place your wards in the 4 corners of your property, praying or invoking your gods and guardians over each ward. Bury them. Then I like to visualize negative energy trying to intrude on my property and see my 4 wards creating a fiery shield around my home. When the negative energy tries to come in, the shield extinguishes it or shoots it off into space.

How often should you re-charge or replace your wards?

Once you’ve laid your wards around your home, don’t forget they need a re-charge or to be replaced every 3 months. If you used a perishable stone or crystal, replace the crystal entirely. A stone with protective symbols, dig them up and draw the symbol back onto the wards. If they were statues, dig them up, clean, cleanse and re-charge by whatever method you prefer. Lay your wards on your altar and ask your gods and/or ancestors to bless them and charge them with protection.

3. Sealing

Something my mom and I call sealing is an important part of spirit protection maintenance. Sealing refers to a magical ritual that symbolically “locks out” negative energy and entities. There are two ways I seal my home: by drawing symbols on my windows and doors AND/OR by spreading salt or some other protective powder over my thresholds. The salt absorbs negative energy that’s lingering in the doorways AND keeps negative energy out. The symbols drawn on your windows and doors act as a spiritual lock. Only YOU should know what symbols you use to protect your home.

When should you seal your home or refresh your seals for spirit protection?Every Waning Moon, I cleanse my house and seal my doorways and windows with symbols and salt. Sometimes I use my own recipe for home protection powders instead of salt. Or red brick dust. Change it up and see which ones you feel are most effective for spirit protection.

Spiritual Protection: Banishing Spirits

Banishing. Eradicating. Exorcising.Whatever you’d like to call it, sometimes spirits slip through our defenses. Sometimes spirits are sent to us to torment us by other witches or malevolent practitioners. Wherever the spirit came from, now it’s in your space and bothering you. Maybe even harassing you or your family members. How do you get rid of unwanted spirits? Go back to step #1: cleansing. But while cleansing, you’re going to tell the spirit it’s not wanted in your home. That it’s NOT invited and not welcome. That it must LEAVE immediately and never return. Be stern and stand your ground. Once you’re done, call on positive energy to replace the negative in your home. I typically invoke my ancestors and guides’ presence. Then move along with laying your wards and sealing your home, etc.

In addition, a cleansing bath to free yourself of negative energy is important. I also recommend trying a cord cutting ritual to make sure there are no harmful attachments to others.

Other Means of Spiritual Protection

My way is by no means the ONLY way to protect yourself against negative spirits. But it has served me well. But be aware, even if you do everything you can to protect yourself sometimes things slip through. That’s why it’s important to know how to banish an unwanted spirit. If you cleanse, ward and seal regularly, you will notice a difference! In addition, I recommend making and burying a witch bottle if you suspect another witch is casting magick against you. Bury it close to your bedroom window. Reversal spells are also sometimes required, particularly for witches who are in the limelight. Who have to protect themselves from jealous conjurors, etc.

Crystals that Protect from Psychic Attack

I’ll never tell you that a crystal will prevent you from psychic attack. Because I’ve found this to be false. At least for me. However, crystals can help prevent psychic attacks and strengthen your protective bubble. Selenite is a wonderful crystal to raise the vibrations and bring in divine white light in a dark situation. Obsidian is a known spirit-deflector, in particular in the case of psychic attacks. Black tourmaline is another favourite as its main function is to absorb negativity. Tiger’s eye is a great crystal for spiritual protection too.

Amulets for Spiritual Protection

Just as you placed 4 protective wards around your property, you can WEAR a magical ward. Amulets are magical items a witch wears to keep spirits and dark magic away. Amulet = ward away. Any of the crystals mentioned above make great amulets, especially when charged in the moonlight with intention. OR when blessed with the energy of our gods and ancestors. See how to choose and charge a protective amulet here. Re-charge your amulets once a month. Amulets can also be pendants with protective symbols, patches sewn into your favorite jacket, symbols painted on the bottom of your shoes.

Relationship with Gods and Ancestors

One of the most rewarding and protective experiences you could have is to develop a relationship with gods and ancestors. Your ancestors will become your biggest protectors (in fact, they have been protecting you your entire life)! My gods are also protective of me, my house and my family. When you have a good relationship with protective spirits, call on them to ward your home of negative energy. Place your amulet on their altar and ask them to bless and charge it. When doing protection spells, call on your gods and ancestors’ energy for ultimate manifestation.

Raise the Vibration for the BEST Spiritual Protection

What do we mean when we say “raise the vibrations”? It means to elevate your energy, mind, spirit and align with positivity. The best spiritual protection is being a healthy, self-aware individual. When our energy is low and our auras are cloudy, we have tears in our defenses that allow negative spirits through. Evaluate your life and think of things you can do to raise your vibrations.

Spiritual Cleanses for 2021

All the transformations that happen in the world affect us in one way or another. For these and other reasons, you need an energetic cleanse at each end of the cycle to remove blockages, purify and prepare yourself for the new.The following is a complete ritual, both for your home and for working on personal energies. You can do this, like any other spiritual cleanses for 2021, on the last day of the year or during the first week of 2021.

Spiritual cleanses for 2020

You will need:

  • 1 white candle;
  • A glass of water;
  • 1 handful of coarse salt;
  • 3 incense sticks;
  • 1 handful of rosemary;
  • A container to burn incense and rosemary;
  • 1 spiritual cleansing bath (we recommend rosemary or seven herbs).

Light the candle, asking your Guardian Angel for divine protection. Then pour some coarse salt into the glass of water to take care of your emotions and absorb the negative energies.Now place the incense and rosemary on the appropriate container, lighting both. Once they really start to burn, take the container and carefully take it to your front door.Turn clockwise all the way around the house; when done, leave the container by the glass of water and the candle. Rest in silence for a few minutes and then go to the next step.Prepare your spiritual cleansing bath by boiling one to two liters of water and pouring the contents of the bath into the liquid. Strain the herbs and let it cool a little.

In the meantime, take a hygienic shower and, in the end, spill the contents of the cleansing bath down your neck, making it clear that all negative energies are going down the drain. Do not rinse your body; just lightly dry yourself with a towel.When the candle and rosemary have finished burning, throw them away in the common garbage, as well as the salted water. However, refill a glass of water and coarse salt every day during the following 7 days to absorb all the negativity of the environment and feel clean-minded for the rest of the year. Happy 2021!complimwnts of wemystic.vom

I hope you enjoyed reading.Please leave your comments and suggestions down below. Keep safe.

Much Love