How to Start a Blog? Complete How-to-Guide

It’s been an year an half since I started blogging. The only advice I have for you is start sooner. Unless you are completely mortified and embarrassed by your first design you haven’t started on time.I would say you can do it, no matter how busy you are, you have no experiences in web design or knowledge of social media marketing what have you take the first step.First there is always a started point, and there is a learning curve. I started stepping into blogging in the year of 2013.I started with a trial run in SquareSpace. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out so well. I put off until 2015.In the fall of 2015 is when I finally decided I am going to jump in.I had no  prior experience in web design or graphic creation or social media marketing.Blogging is a very creative hobby.For me I find that writing my thoughts down in a post relaxes me. Its a great feeling to create and share something of value with other.If you are a novice you have stepped on the right blog post. This post is newbie’s guide to getting started with a new blog. A good domain name is the identity of your website. Its the name by which your website would be known so chose wisely.Once decided register […]