An Ode to Dead Humanity #SYRIANcrisis

  I am sorry for putting a crimp in your day.This post is written following the events of the extremely unfortunate Syrian war thats in progress has had 400 people killed so far out of which 150 are innocent kids. For more information please feel free to read this guardian post .The internet is filled with disturbing imagery and videos, but no helps seems to reach the people in need. The cease fire on airstrike to help the injured and survivors with aid and supplies has stopped and the fate of the poor people is left distraught.Thousands die everyday and we all watch it in silence and ignore. Why is the world quiet about this ? Does the image of a baby lying dead by the sea shore while his parents tried to help him escape doesn’t stir you up? Are we still humans ? Are we capable of feeling anything anymore ? How much longer will this continue? Is there any hope ? What are we doing to the children and their future? You think its easy to cope with the death of a parent ? These people are losing their entire families for years now.How many more innocent people […]