How to Buy a Smartphone -Part II [2016 edition]

  In the previous post which you can find here we understood the basics of a smartphone , the components its build up off , the processors in a smartphone chip and an overview of functions of them. We had glazed through the features to look for when buying a smartphone.Today we will go further in-depth to understanding whats important to us.I will also give newer features which are coming about in the market and my personal experience with various brands in the market.I have highlighted the key features out of the ones I listed in my post to help you in a situation of compromise. Before you buy a 4G Enabled smartphone, you should check what band it supports to know if it will work in your area.Some popular phones which support 4G LTE in India today (must support 2300 MHz TD LTE band) include LG G2, Samsung Galaxy Alpha, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, LG F70.Refer a list of LTE phone here. Some phones aren’t optimised for battery current limiting and under voltage shutdown.You might have heard news of phones exploding, well its the battery that explodes.Some smartphone manufacturers remove the protective coating around the battery to reduce weight of the phone but that is […]