Winter Skincare , Don’t Blame it on Genes

  While winters leads to cracked lips and scratchy skin for some of us Summer doesn’t hold a happy story for the skin.The dry heat cracks your lips and dehydrates skin which unfortunately is very tuff to moisturise because if you choose a very moisturising variant well its summer – Sweat !! As a result for summers I rely on only home based natural skin care products, I avoid using my favourite scrubs or creams that because of the chemical content don’t blend well with the skin texture. Usually skin care products are marketed with skintypes-Dry,Oily etc but I am going to talk about body types(Prakriti, check blog post on Friday Detox to find your Prakriti) and how it influences your skin.People with Pitt have to take a lot of care during summers because their body temperature is high and that can appear on the skin in the form of dryness ,scars or de-coloration.    1. Morning & Night Skin Routine Follow you morning skin routine to repair your skin and avoid damage from the sun.Night is the time your skin and in general your body has to recover from day of stress.You are going to need-Aloe Vera, Almond Oil,Rose water and Lavender Oil.Clean your skin with a cotton […]