Quoi Porter : Affordable Fashion

  Quoi Porter is a fresh phrase which translates to What to Wear   Quoi Porter is french for ‘What to Wear’ which sums up the dilemma every woman goes through in the morning.Don’t we all want to stay up to date with the current trends and wish to have couture in our wardrobe? But what happens when we go out shopping and find the cost exceeding a weeks paycheque ?Do I really need that pair of boots? Should I spend 10k on that exquisite leather biker jacket? to answer these questions go ahead.It all boils down to one burning questions […]

Shoe Shopping Guide, for Shoes that don’t Bite

  Shoes , who here reading this post is not obsessed with shoes ? I wont be surprised if you are one of them. Shoes can bring to life almost any outfit. No wonder they are so important when it comes to dressing up. The market is flooded with brands and styles of shoes and sometimes it can be very difficult to make the right choice. Well that is why I have written this post, to make your shoe shopping a little less stressful.Before we jump into buying shoes lets understand the components of a shoe, ‘the anatomy’ if you will. […]

Black Friday Shopping , without Breaking the Bank

  Finish your Christmas Gift Shopping weeks in advance and enjoy the holiday without stress. A Guide to Shopping this holiday season without breaking the bank.How to Shop some of the best Black Friday items without breaking the bank. This season’s best and my favorite must-haves to shop.If you ever wondered about how to save bucks while shopping , decide what to spend on, which designer pieces to pick then keep reading … SPLURGE vs SAVE THEORY When going to shop buy classic splurges-items that will stay in your wardrobe for atlas 6 months and the ones you’ll wear multiple […]