Best Kept Beauty Secrets

Nature holds key to the best secrets in the world for happiness and wellness.These secrets were passed on  for generations and followed religiously.Some of course with the change in the pace of lifestyle couldn’t keep up but quite a few have sustained the test of time. Water Water is self cleansing in nature, helps to flush out toxins and maintain pH of your body.Its necessary for survival and great for skin.To sum up in four words: water helps to HYDRATE,ENERGISE,ANTI-OXIDIZE and DETOXIFY Honey Honey helps to get rid of ulcers,regulates blood sugar,heals burns,antibacterial,skin elixir.Also known as liquid gold  and as quoted by hippocrates “Let Thy Food be Thy Medicine” Rose Rich in Vitamin A,B3,C and D; known to naturally purify blood.Rosewater is proven to be a natural moisturiser,cleanser and anti-inflammatory.Even the monks of San Lazzaro are known for their roses and more so for their rose petal jam that they make every May when the flowers are in full bloom.Consuming rose petals is great for your gut, rose petals preserved are usually sold commercially and consumed in pan leaf popularly known as “gulkand”.Add this super ingredient to your diet and notice the difference.Rose and Milk bath was quite popular amongst the queens and was known to […]