5 Important Makeup Tips

Inner beauty, they say you should feel beautiful on the inside to look beautiful on the outside.There is no downside to being beautiful on the outside while being beautiful inside. Makeup while so common needs sort of artistic perfection to it. Do too much and you end up looking caked and too less you don’t get enough coverage. The beauty trends in 2017 focussed mainly on feathery eyebrows, plump lips and nude makeup.From the #iwokeuplikethis instagram #hashtags to #nomakeuplooks our news feed was flooded with articles promoting neutral and subtle makeup trends.This is very light, natural and quick makeup. All […]

Winter Skincare , Don’t Blame it on Genes

  While winters leads to cracked lips and scratchy skin for some of us Summer doesn’t hold a happy story for the skin.The dry heat cracks your lips and dehydrates skin which unfortunately is very tuff to moisturise because if you choose a very moisturising variant well its summer – Sweat !! As a result for summers I rely on only home based natural skin care products, I avoid using my favourite scrubs or creams that because of the chemical content don’t blend well with the skin texture. Usually skin care products are marketed with skintypes-Dry,Oily etc but I am going to talk about […]

My Favourite Beauty Products

Its a jungle out there. Be it beauty products, cosmetics or daily essentials the choice keeps getting tougher and tougher. Here is a little bit of help. I will talk about my favourite 5 products this season, feel free to give them a try. I know I have.There is a common question I often get and I am going to answer it. What is a BB(Blemish Balm) cream? CC(Colour Correcting) cream ? DD(Daily Defence) cream? How do you pick a concealer for your skin tone? How do you pick a foundation? powder, cream or water based? Which mascara to buy ? What are the versatile lip colours […]