How to Beat JetLag

Even in an era of perpetual electronic availability, these automated missives land in our inboxes with shocking frequency.

While most vacationing email recipients keep it simple (listing the contact information of their next-in-command and making a vague promise to get back to you by a certain date), some cannot resist the opportunity to inject a bit of their personality into their correspondents’ inboxes in absentia.

Summer vacation kicking in!

Always wonder how flight attendants do it, smile posted on their faces. Is it a vacation hangover? Is my body fooling me? Insomnia fatigue anxiousness is so common.

Scientific term : desynchronizes or circadian dysrhythmia

Makes you cranky, impacts your body, hard time focussing, grumpy, exhausted. Adjust your watch ( if you wear one ), the psychological trick to adjust your brain and ease your transition

Social jet lag is real, you don’t really need to travel to get jetlagged.

When you’re traveling east it gets harder to fall asleep and when you travel west it can be hard to stay up. Caused due to variation in light. Jumpstart your sleep, minimize shock to your body

Sleep early or sleep late; change your clock to the destinations time zone; Stretch your legs and your entire body ( thank you for legroom )


First cycle –> body’s circadian rhythm Second cycle –> food clock, starvation, and re-feeding

  1. Meal timings, Space out your meals, high protein breakfast, high carb dinner. Heavy food will make you more sleepy
  2. No matter how painful don’t sleep in ( it will make it harder to fall asleep at night )
  3. Dehydration makes jet lag works avoid caffeine and alcohol
  4. Sunshine — embrace it, fix your body clock
  5. Gets too unbearable, take short naps ( under 20–25 minutes ) any longer will make you groggy, worse than before you went to sleep, making jet lag worse. To reset your circadian rhythm sleep at the proper time.
  6. Turn off all electronics before going to bed ( never happens ), light suppresses melatonin production (sleep hormone)
  7. Ground your self, release-static charge, walking on grass, step onto the pool, connected to the earth, disconnect resolves
  8. Exercise in the morning ( plenty of sunshine ), alert during the day and sleep like a baby at night.
  9. Drink plenty of water, mild dehydration due to air travel, alcohol-based sanitizers, rough soaps, and frequent washing can leave your hands dry, carry a moisturizer. Avoid coffee tea when you land
  10. Be in the moment, don’t compare present and past destinations. Different sleep cycle

I hope you enjoyed reading, share your thoughts in the comments down below.