Midweek DIY: Hair Conditioners

For several decades beauty secrets have been passed down through generations of Indian mothers to their daughters.Remember how our mother used to braid our hair to avoid split ends,tangles and the overnight oil therapy for luscious locks? Wont you love to have the luxurious and opulent shine in your hair back not to forget the elegance that comes with it?You can attain the perfect hair texture you always wanted by following some simple DIY home remedies for rejuvenating dull,dry, thin hair. Moisturiser  ” Love is in the Hair “ Avocado+Olive Oil+Essential Oil(Lavender/Rosemary) Fortifier Egg+Castor Oil+Lemon Reliever Coconut Oil+Lemon+Camphor Repairer Honey+Olive Oil There are some golden rules of haircare that if followed can help you maintain shiny gorgeous tresses in every season.Diet plays a major role in maintaining good hair health.Sun can cause a lot of damage to hair so make sure you use a serum with a good SPF to protect your hair. Make sure you repair the sun damage frequently as the harsh UV rays tend to ruin the hair color as well as texture.Don’t buy hair sprays from stores make your own sea water spray by mixing-hot water,salt,coconut oil together and apply on damp hair for the wavy beach style […]