Summer Love, Coconut Oil

Add coconut oil as a daily body moisturiser. Coconut oil moisturises the skin, prevents ingrowth and also removes dark spots or blemishes. Supplement your coconut oil with some tea-tree oil to fight infections.Add in grapeseed oil and almond oil when using it on your face.Boil some fresh curry leaves in coconut oil and make a great hair tonic.Infuse nigella seeds and fenugreek for the ultimate conditioner. Look down below for an infographic on how to make this curry fenugreek infused oil.Add camphor to coconut oil to relieve any itchiness.Add in some lavender to coconut oil for a relaxing body massage. Add in coffee grounds and sugar to coconut to make a exfoliating anti-cellulite body scrub.Coconut oil with rose petals and sugar makes an excellent lip scrub.For infused oil ,dry curry leaves and cook them in coconut oil till they turn into brownish black colour. Add in fenugreek and a splash of castor oil to close the deal.You could apply the left over curry leaves as a hair salve for moisturising and conditioning the hair.Here is a recap in form of images. Coconut oil for Diet Try raw tender coconut water as as afternoon drink.Trust me its perfect for the 3pm crash.Replace coconut water […]