Guide to a French Wardrobe

French closet is all about practical essentails only, what I like most about it is the focus on less. A minimalist wardrobe can be challenging and difficult at first. Once you start practicing it trust me it gets better. The perks ? you can get by with less ? travel light ? own more versatile clothing ? When you let go of things you don’t wear or need you feel liberated. Clutter in your closet adds clutter in your life. If you haven’t worn it in the last 6 months time to throw or donate it.   In this post we will start with the essential 5 pieces and then look back at each category.

Fall Closet Essentials

Its getting colder, how should I layer up ? Combat over-air-conditioned office spaces with casual but elevated medium-dark denim for work; add a bright, white blazer layered over a silky tank or basic knit, and seal the deal with hot-red heels. Keep things light on the weekend in a pale pink denim skirt with a neutral crossbody bag or clutch and a lightweight, printed blouse. And when temps cool down, just add booties and tights for the ultimate ready-for-fall outfit. Cool Style Inspiration for the Fall , travel tips. The IT jackets we are crushing.   As evident from the runway this year, the 70s 80s 90s fashion has made a comeback. Grunge is in.Millenial Purple, Clinched Suits, Power Shoulder, Gold,Fur, Satin dominated the runway.Asymmetrical necklines, yes I am not a fan of this style but they are in for 2019.  If you are heading out on a vacation , following are some of the must haves for the fall. Hope you enjoyed reading. I would love to hear about your fall favourites. Don’t hesitate to comment down below or write to me at XOXO Akansha