Acidic vs Alkaline Diet

We live in a world where there are too many choices.But healthy choices are few. Supermarkets are lined with canned ready to eat food items, restaurants offer a plethora of unhealthy food items. We are heading towards morbid obesity with the kind of lifestyle and food choices we have made. Too busy to cook, Too busy to eat , just stuff up on junk and sugars and keep going. Unfortunately too much of our diet is made up of acidic foods in form of sodas, burgers, french fries, pizza all of which make us so happy. Staying on a acidic diet for very long is extremely harmful for the body. It starts to demineralise and start pulling nutrition and vitamins from the bodies store houses leading to deficiencies. I recommend you to read this book that tells you about the dangers of snacking on fast food and junk. Making healthy choices isn’t easy. It calls for sacrifice. You cant just eat something because you like it you have to eat it because its good for your body.Always remember no disease can every survive in a alkaline body.In this post we are going to see why and how-1. Balancing pH is key […]