Fabric Shopping in India

  I am a huge fan of Indian Fabrics, textile and designs. I never spare any opportunity to Shopian the cities of Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Kutch.The Handworked Fabrics, the patterns , the embroidery is simply magic. The luxury is a totally on a different level when you look at Indian art and culture. From the Phulkari work in Punjab to the mirror embroidery on bright and colourful embroidery in Rajasthan to the tie and die medley of colours in Gujarat India has so much to offer.The diversity in design and fabric is exquisite.Its no surprise that some of the worlds mode famous fashion designers pick up Indian Fabrics as their medium for work.You would be surprised to know about the cost of export of Indian materials.Its no joke how all this beautiful embroidery work gets on the runways in Paris. Phulkari For those of you who are not from India it might come off as a surprise but Phulkari plays a very important role in a girl’s life.Tradition has it that …Birth of a girl marks the beginning of the child’s grandmother of the task in creating the future bride’s trousseau, which is worn by the bride when she walks around the […]


2018 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For HIM + HER

  Hello everyone, Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you 🙂 <in advance> .Yes ! Valentine’s day is around the corner and I know a lot of you are scrambling to find the perfect gift. I got you covered, if gifts are what are looking for then keep reading on. Like my previous posts on unique and thoughtful gifts keep in mind that you don’t have to get extravagant. A good gift is one that comes from the heart and is very special to the person its made for.It could be baking your mom’s favourite recipe on her birthday, a toy your child has been asking for a long time.Before I go on , in case you missed my previous posts on Gifts and DIY do check them out here and here. Before you jump over to your closest shopping store , Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be about chocolates, teddy bears and everything pink.The core of every gift that you give should be to make the person receiving it feel special and loved.Doing the dishes, doing the laundry or taking your kid out for throwing the ball in the park could be a great gift if you have been […]

fight like a girl

Fight Like A Girl

  A year back I wrote this post titled “Fight Like A Girl” when I got very moved by a huffington post article .A soul stirring article here inspired me to write this blog post.I am been working on this post since several days but haven’t found it complete till this point.Thinking of the trauma and stress both physical and emotional that they have to go through sends a chill down my spine.90% of women after having been diagnosed with non-metastatic forms of breast cancer survive but the struggle is quite expensive , its a painful journey and like every war it leaves you with scars.Women fighting this battle alone need a lot of emotional support and confidence to come back to their usual self.   Its an extremely sensitive topic to write on and haven’t seen personal instances of people suffering and surviving from breast cancer.It’s so troubling to know that breast cancer affects 1/8 women all around the world. These numbers seem to be growing and are a constant reminder to us about how fragile life is.What is it that’s causing cancer to be so widespread.Is it hereditary ? Is it our diet ? Is it the stress from our hectic […]

alkaline diet

Acidic vs Alkaline Diet

We live in a world where there are too many choices.But healthy choices are few. Supermarkets are lined with canned ready to eat food items, restaurants offer a plethora of unhealthy food items. We are heading towards morbid obesity with the kind of lifestyle and food choices we have made. Too busy to cook, Too busy to eat , just stuff up on junk and sugars and keep going. Unfortunately too much of our diet is made up of acidic foods in form of sodas, burgers, french fries, pizza all of which make us so happy. Staying on a acidic diet for very long is extremely harmful for the body. It starts to demineralise and start pulling nutrition and vitamins from the bodies store houses leading to deficiencies. I recommend you to read this book that tells you about the dangers of snacking on fast food and junk. Making healthy choices isn’t easy. It calls for sacrifice. You cant just eat something because you like it you have to eat it because its good for your body.Always remember no disease can every survive in a alkaline body.In this post we are going to see why and how-1. Balancing pH is key […]


Gardening, Homegrown Vegetables

  Gardening is almost therapeutic in nature.The first step to being a good gardener is understanding the fundamentals. Whether you are seeking advice for your flower garden, vegetable garden, or simply your lawn, I have compiled all the best gardening tools, techniques, tips and tricks to help your garden flourish.No garden, no problem. Bring a little green into your life with your very own greenhouse. Bringing together for you the best tips and tricks for maintaining healthy, lush indoor plants.There are few things more satisfying than growing your own food.This post is inspired by Martha Stewart’s home gardening post. You can read it right here.   However, maintaining a vegetable garden isn’t exactly the easiest — strawberries can be shy, lettuce tends to be a little stingy at first, and tomatoes? Those are feast or famine. Whatever it is you are growing, here are some vegetable garden ideas to gobble up.I will tell you all you need to get started on a simple quick and easy home gardening kit and where you can buy it .I recommend mud pots over cement or plastic or synthetic polymer clay based. Mud not only ensures proper drainage but also keep the plant cool and […]

personalised gifts

How to Make Personalized & Unique Gifts

  Let us make Holiday Gifting even more special with PersonaliZed & Unique Gifts.Black Friday sale is just a month away, lets get ready for Thanksgiving & Christmas.Prepare your shopping lists way in advance and be relieved of last minute stress and panic.Holidays are the best the part of the year. They are also the most stressful. Picking the right gift, making elaborate meals, can get frustrating at times. And some people are so hard to buy for. In this post I will be talking about gifts both DIYs and the ones you can buy from the comfort of your couch for each one of your special friends and family.   Gift giving is an art and like most arts requires creativity and attention to detail.I am also adding links to my favorite Pinterest links where you can find some brilliant creations.While I would suggest to keep it simple with a gift card for fussy people but for your nearest and dearest sending thoughtful gifts are always appreciated.There are some handmade gifts you can make at home sparing a few hours over the weekend.Handmade gift cards , bath salts and scrubs ,cake mixes ,cinder toffee, are few of them.Framing a photograph […]


Fall DIY, holiday festivities

  How to make personalized gifts for your friends and family this Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.Home decor to awesome gifts and everything in between.Create personalized and customized gifts for your friends and family this Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. No need to wait in endless queues at target filling up your shopping list and registries.   This post is all about creating something special , something unique that reflects the personality of the person the gift is for. We are going to keep it very simple but at the same time feel free to experiment. DIY is all about taking creative risks, sometimes it turns out well sometimes it doesn’t. Its an expression of yourself.DIY specially during the holidays can be a very stress relieving activity.Its like creating something wonderful on a shoe string budget, from the comfort of your room, sipping hot tea or cider and munching cookies. Its the month of Christmas. If you wish to decorate your home with some Christmas wreath, try this simple and easy tutorial for it. Lets trim up our garden and prune trees , yes that is what I did couple of weeks back at home, but instead of throwing away the pruned branches, creepers […]