You are Loved

we celebrate mental health awareness week this year I thought of sharing my thoughts on the topic. Coming from India, a forever developing, socially distraught society at the brink of chaos mental health has a lot of stigmas associated with it. In Indian Culture and as far as I know, it can extend it to most Asian cultures mental struggles are viewed as a sign of weakness. I can quote two recent incidents, the employee suicides at Facebook and the Qualcomm amongst a lot more that may go unreported or unnoticed.

Closet BootCamp

Hi there, how is it going ? happy fall 🙂 I hope most of you are done with your fall cleaning and are gearing towards the season of holidays. Yass we have quite a few holidays coming up. I can’t express to you how much I am waiting for a vacation. I am on the brink of a burnout, bored out of my mind and so looking forward to a holiday. This blog post is a boot camp for closet organization.

6 Absolutely Random Things I Bought

If you change your outfit a hundred times before leaving the house and your wardrobe often takes shape on the floor (or chairs/desks/anywhere other than on you or in your closet), it’s time to rethink what you’re buying and where. With that thought in mind let us talk about this season’s favorite absolutely random but lovely items I recently bought.

Guide to a French Wardrobe

French closet is all about practical essentails only, what I like most about it is the focus on less. A minimalist wardrobe can be challenging and difficult at first. Once you start practicing it trust me it gets better. The perks ? you can get by with less ? travel light ? own more versatile clothing ? When you let go of things you don’t wear or need you feel liberated. Clutter in your closet adds clutter in your life. If you haven’t worn it in the last 6 months time to throw or donate it.   In this post we will start with the essential 5 pieces and then look back at each category.

Travel Essentials

I know most of you love to travel so do I. I don’t get as  much vacation time as  I would like because of my hectic work schedule but when I do I make sure to make the best of it. This post is about travel gear, things you absolutely need to have anytime you step outside the house. These are basic essentials , nothing too fancy. This is the list of my go-to items to carry in a purse, backpack and carry-on.

How to Stay Pretty When You’re 35000FT In The Air

1. Keep Dehydration at Bay I can’t stress this enough but you gotta stay hydrated. Make sure you keep a water bottle filled at all times and keep sipping. Stay away from alcohol and the need to indulge. Dehydration will cost you and is key in staying pretty. Water is what keeps your skin supple, your hair bright and shinny and full of energy. 2. Silk Scarf,  Neck Pillow, Eye Mask Check Check Check Maintaining a good posture is so important to avoid body pain and sore muscles after landing. You may notice that your hair gets dry and frizzy after the fligth and one  way to avoid it is to use a silk scarf on your hair to keep friction and static checked. Using a neck pillow will help you stay cozy and eye mask will ensure a dark peaceful sleep at all times in the flight.Do read my post on jetlag for more on sleep during the flight, linked right here.  3.Moisturize  Every few hours make sure you moisturize your skin, preferrably with a paraben and sulphate free body butter or lotion. You can make some at home , read my post on homemade cosmetics for the reciepe. […]

Home Spa

Cosmetic industry is so unregulated, there are unproven claims for expensive skin creams, toners, serus, oils that make your skin radiant, ageless and supple. It surprises me why we spend so much money on store bought cosmetics when our pantry is filled with everything we need for perfect skin and hair. Flawless skin is a gift and you can work towards having a better qualty skin.

Letting Go of Our Ego

Letting go of our ego is an exercise to finding fulfillment, peace, and calmness in our lives. Ego is an identity we create for ourselves.its a self-image we have created to help survive the harsh realities of day to day life. Ego is comparing our positive attributes to someone’s worst attributes and the other way around. We have gotten so busy attaching labels to everything, marking everything in the world that we have forgotten who we are, why we are here on this planet earth and what’s our life’s purpose. We complain all the time, we are so unsatisfied with almost everything around us that we fail to enjoy what we have. Ego makes us believe that we are not enough or that we don’t have enough. Ego is behind our eyes and our knees, manifests itself in different kinds of behavior. Online selfies, using social media for gratification and approval. Addressing the symptom not the root cause has become our daily part of our life. Let’s deep dive into how we can keep our ego under control. Performing selfless deeds and adding value not just to us but also those around us. Being in the present and truly grateful […]