What To Pack in Your Carry-On?

Carry-on Essentials

HOW I pack my bag for flying OR driving on a road trip! Tips and ideas with carry on hacks you need to know! The Ultimate packing ideas. Fit everything you need in your luggage and bag.I wish y’all get lot so of opportunities and time to travel the world, its such a enriching experience. I love to travel as and when I can but there are certain things that need to be taken care of before you head out. Especially if you are taking a long flight or a long trip on the road you must decide what to carry outside your closet? How do you organise and pack your suitcase? What must you carry? The first rule of thumb is to travel light. Make sure you only pack the essentials because in case you have to carry your luggage it can be a total nightmare to lug around heavy stuff you don’t even need. This is not the time to prioritize fit over function.

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Now before we go deep into carry-on and basics lets talk a little bit about KonMari, Marie Kondo. Please note this is NOT a sponsored post I just thought it worth mentioning her folding techniques and closet organisation tips.Marie Kondo is famous for Kon-Mari method and book, The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up—both of which promise to help you wrest control of the stuff in your home. I encourage you to read a bit about her on her website and apartment therapy.Let me save you some time, here is the gist. Start off with laying everything out , stuff you need to carry. Categorize by type, fold everything and arrange it vertically within the suitcase.

Vertical arrangement saves space and gives you full visual access to your stuff. Its a great idea to invest in packing cubes because they greatly minimize the amount of space taken up by clothing that may have ambiguous shape.Fold your clothes as small as possible.Roll thinner fabrics to reduce wrinkles and yes girl pare down if you are not going to wear it.Take only what you want to wear.Use shoe bags and lingerie bags to separte your clothings, keep chords in ziploc bags to prevent them from tangling.Store all your cosmetics and toiletaries together. Make sure they are under 100ml !!.

Things you absolutely need in yoru hand include a neck pillowand eye mask, chargers for your mobile devices, headphones if you like to listen to music, moisturizer/hand creams, face wash, sanitizer, any medication if you need some.I think our hands suffer the most on long haul flights, the atmosphere is really dry and you end up using a lot of sanitizer which contains alcohol and adds to drying. Always make a out-to-door list , things you carry the time you are about to leave the door. This could be sunglasses, chargers, keys , an extra pair of socks or tissues.

Do check out my previosu post on travel essentials in case you missed. I will link it down below.I have also collated a list of items that I think work for me. To repeat this is **NOT** a sponsored post , I just thought of sharing with you all what I find useful. This includes my go to hand creams, alcoholo free sanitiser and wipes.


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