You are Loved


As we celebrate mental health awareness week this year I thought of sharing my thoughts on the topic. Coming from India, a forever developing, socially distraught society at the brink of chaos mental health has a lot of stigmas associated with it. In Indian Culture and as far as I know, it can extend it to most Asian cultures mental struggles are viewed as a sign of weakness. I can quote two recent incidents, the employee suicides at Facebook and the Qualcomm amongst a lot more that may go unreported or unnoticed. 

Self-love is the noblest act there is

Then there is the comparison trap which is never ending.Societal pressure is too intense for youngsters to cope up with.Depression, frustration, detachment, fear of failure, feeling of being stuck in a rut, escapism are common symptoms of people suffering in soltitude. The next time you call a friend ask how they are doing and ask it twice because the first answer is always “fine” or “ok”.

(.. to be continued ..)

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