Gardening 101

Gardening 101

Who said you cant have a garden in a tiny space. This post is dedicated to small space dwellers. Consider it a guide to gardening, tools you needs the things you need to care of for a beautiful blooming indoor garden.With the end of summer on the horizon, fall planting is the focus for all.Plan ahead for the pumpkin spice season.While you’re at it, fall is actually the best time for planting nearly everything else in your garden, too, so if you’ve been thinking about adding a few new trees or shrubs to your landscaping, now is the time to get your hands dirty. It might come as a surprise, but the cooler temperatures, generally reliable weather forecasts, and short but bright days make for an excellent time

No yard? No problem. Anyone with a sunny windowsill, patio, or balcony can cultivate greenery.


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To be able to grow a beautiful garden you must understand the elements – air, water, soil, the climate and the plants yall pick for the season.You can always add fertilizer, compost, mulch, boosters to balance the composition of your soil. Plants add a positive note to the feng shui of any place.In addition to making your yard/room/balcony/window a little more beautiful, these plants could also be the reason why things are looking up for you.


Soil, life for the plants

Fall is the perfect time for planting chrysanthemum.The quintessential fall flower, blooms from September all the way till deep winter frost hits.Now if you are like me and i hope you are 😉 yall might be planning a vacation for the upcoming holiday and I know what you are going to say. Hey ! I am going to be out for a few weeks , won’t my plants dry and die ? What am I gonna do for when I am on vacation? Who will take care of my plants then ? huh? Not looking that sharp now ? may be we should be thinking ahead ? Okay okay I hear you , hold your horses I have plans of talking about self-watering system next. Here we go …

Self Watering System

Make sure you have a self-watering system in place before you head out for the holidays. A self-watering system not only ensures proper hydration for your plants it literally the best for lazy people who like to have beautifuly gardens. Hey I am no one to judge, I am guilty myself of being negligient sometimes. I mean I try but you know we got so much to do and sometimes the schedules beats me.I am going to link down below the products I use for gardening, this includes tools, pots, watering cans, sprays, poting soil and of course the self watering system.

This is NOT a **sponsored** post so go ahead and pick whatever you like. I am sharing with  what I use.Linking down below one of my old posts on homegrown vegetables,in case you missed.

Gardening, Homegrown Vegetables


A glimpse of my own personal garden, I only have 4 plants, I live in a tiny place in bangalore- a heavily polluted, densely populated and supposedly the silicon valley of India, ha.I have a snak plant, a jade plant, a tulsi plant and a marble money plant.

Snake Plant
Jade, Marble Money Plant, Tulse Plant (Left to RIGHT)

Succulents, potted houseplants, and biodegradable packaging is so readily available online these days, you don;t even have to step out of the comfort of your home, which beleive me in a traffic fucked place like bangalore is a true blessing.Honestly I think technology has made us so much more lazy and dependent. There is a price for everything in this world, be it a convienience or a service, we all pay for it some way or the other.

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