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the ‘IT’ girl

Hi there, how is it going ? happy fall 🙂 I hope most of you are done with your fall cleaning and are gearing towards the season of holidays. Yass we have quite a few holidays coming up. I can’t express to you how much I am waiting for a vacation. I am on the brink of a burnout, bored out of my mind and so looking forward to a holiday. This blog post is a boot camp for closet organization. I must warn you though, before you go ahead and read make sure you have brisked through my previous posts on french closet essentails, minimalist living. Let’s get them out of the way, I am linking them aling for you in case you missed.

We are constantly bombarded with latest trends, new brands and the “IT” girl thanks to social media, not that I am complaining. Hey but it gets overwhelming once in a while I aint lying. I am constantly having a fomo , A BLINT IT AND MISS scenario palying in my head.How do I let my personal style flourish in the fasade of trends swinging faster than any pendulum,The socialist world we live in thrives on throwaway culture.I’s say the key is having fun with your outfit, life’s too short to take yourself too seriously. Find what works best for you and take inspiration from what drives you.

Closet Bootcamp, check

Are you finding yourself on the precipise of finding that perfect ensemble ? hey girl more power to ya ! Sorry I am gonna pickup one of the most over used buzzwords going around amongst Gen-Z , Closet Bootcamp. Closet bootcamp is just a fancy word for fall cleaning, don’t you wanna get ready for the fall ? How do we start with the bootcamp , by making a list of what to keep versus what to cull. I hope you catch my drift 😉

Keep or Cull?

I preach konmari’s beliefs, cull anything that doesn’t spark joy letting go is the greatest and toughest thing out there. I want you to remember this, at a time you only wear 20% of your closet! Does it come off as a surprise to you? I mean cmon who are we kidding, we all are guilty of hoarding and shopping incessantly for things we don’t need. Sigh if only we had the wisdom to “choose wisely” ~ pun intended .. in case you missed I was referring to the dialogue and scene from INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE.

A scene from Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade

Make a list of lifesavers, for me that would be a white tee, denim, a black leather jacket, statement necklaces to elevate any look and of course my favourite pair of shoes. To avoid the wee hours of the morning in crippling indecision plan ahead. There are some no-fail combinations that work like a charm.

High Neck Tee + Trousers

Blazer + Cami + Trousers

Black Blouse + Denim screams Casual Friday

Gray Tee + Black Bottoms + Sneakers

White on White + Black belts

Last but not least, don’t let the hustle get to you 😉 For more style inspiration check out my Pinterest board



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