6 Absolutely Random Things I Bought

Shopping Haul

If you change your outfit a hundred times before leaving the house and your wardrobe often takes shape on the floor (or chairs/desks/anywhere other than on you or in your closet), it’s time to rethink what you’re buying and where. With that thought in mind let us talk about this season’s favorite absolutely random but lovely items I recently bought.

We <3 these

I am going to start off with my backpack, a versatile eco-friendly reusable Fjällräven  Kånken backpack. I picked navy blue to keep it understated , they sell in a crazy number of colors, so go banana’s.Wth a dead-weight of 0 , light padding for laptop it makes an ideal carry-on for any vacation. its made of Nylon and I absolutely adore it.

Here is a tip for online shopping “If possible, I always watch the video of the model wearing the product I am interested in buying. I find it really helps with giving you a better idea on how the item fits and moves on the body. One of my friends also told me a helpful tip—if you start a conversation with those super annoying BOT things and ask them about current discount codes/offers, it saves time searching for them and sometimes they will send you exclusive offers.”

Peace Out!

Isnt it fun when the weather doesn’t know what it is ? duh there is a nip in the air and blah blah we all are in love with the fall but cmmon let’s be honest here. Its a pain to decide what to wear , sometimes its sunny, sometimes it rains and sometimes it gets windy and chilly. Time for a transseasonal wardobe.To make up for global warming urgh! make sure you add a few items to your closet essentials, yeah lets talk basics.

A knitted cardigan ( yes it’s not for grannies only !! ;P ), a stole, an oversized sweater, cozy shrug are perfect addition to any outfit you pick.Most of these items are small in size and can easily be carried in your bag.As always never underestimate the power of layering.Speaking of layering, there has honestly never been a better time to layer delicate statement necklaces.I love the trend and it couldn’t stop me from splurging on some.Yes your girl loves bling !!

Online Shopping!

Most of us are glued to our screen for the most part for the entire duration of our waking hours its important to protect your eyes.I recommend using UV blocker, blue lenses to avoid computer strain.Hop over to john jacobs for attractive frames if you will.Sometimes I wonder if we would live with less self consciousness without the social media.I don’t think its possible to imagine a single day without our smartphone let alone the entire life.All our money is tied up in wallets, apps, online shopping , ______ you fill in the blanks.We have come far from being a frugal and minimalist human being. 

How can any shopping haul be complete without some shoes? am I right. As it continues to get cooler lets opt for some booties to take you through the transition into the colder winter months.I am in love with suede boots. The come in so many colors.I can’t get enough of them. You can also opt for faux leather and snake skin prints for a textured look.The best part you don’t even have to get too fancy, checkout nordstorm during the sale or just hop over amazon.com during the sale hours 🙂 I assure you , you won’t be disappointed.Last but not the least I got myself a small rose quartz crystal. Rose quartz radiates positivity, warmth and is great for stress relief.It purifies, calms and reassures.

Keep scrolling for our favourite’s list, what to wear them with and our secret styling tricks so that you can be the ‘It’ girl you are! Below are a few other of my favorite finds. Do you guys have any fall pieces you’ve had your eye on that you are pulling the trigger on now that they are on sale? Let me know in the comments!



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