Travel Essentials

Note to Self 😉

I know most of you love to travel so do I. I don’t get as  much vacation time as  I would like because of my hectic work schedule but when I do I make sure to make the best of it. This post is about travel gear, things you absolutely need to have anytime you step outside the house. These are basic essentials , nothing too fancy. This is the list of my go-to items to carry in a purse, backpack and carry-on.Another question to you , how do you convince yorself to travel more ? I get it some of you are not cut out for rough uncomfortable tedious travel.Let’s take an extra step to make travel more comfortable.

I repeat we are going to stick to basics and essential items only, you have to trust me on this. Travelling light is the best thimg to do.You don’t want to be stuck in a situation where you have no help and you have to carry around heavy luggage and your feet to your destination. No one wants that.When it comes to packing I preach the “konmari” style. Roll it up, keep it vertical and always folded. Mix and match outfits and make sure you don’t have delicate or tedious clothing on a adventure trip.Preferably something that dries quickly, is wrinkle free and easy to manage.


Let’s talk basics

I suggest you first take a paper and pen, make a cup of coffee and relax. I want you to sit down and imagine you day if you were on a vacation, what are the things you would absolutely need. Snacks? Water? Wipes? Basic Tees? ShirtDress? Sneakers? Sunglasses? Sunscreen? Whatever comes to mind, just pen it down for now. This is the first step to becoming a efficient packer.You only need to do it once, in no time you will be packing like a pro.

Let me help you a little, break down your basics into daily wear clothing, toiletaries, accessories, shoes, snacks&water, miscellaneous items like water bottle, umbrella, extra pair of clothing, watch,flashlight, disposable bags, manicure kit(a portable one will save you !!) , socks, neck pillow, silk scarf, eye mask to name a few.

Travel checklist

Keep the list you prepared handy, may be even categorize it and look at it when you take out all items.Do you recall the question I posed to you a few parahs before ? How do you get more comfortable when you travel ? Well here is the trick , make your carry on essentails work for you in a way that they  “spark joy” #konmari


Basics #musthave

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That’s all folks, I hope you enjoyed reading and found it help. I would love to hear your thoughts and tips on how you stay pretty during long air travel.



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