How to Stay Pretty When You’re 35000FT In The Air

Stay Pretty While You Fly

If I were to ask all of you , who amongst you loves to travel I know 9 out of 10 will raise their hands. As enjoyable and refreshing travel is the perils of long duration air travel are well known. I know how crazy it gets when you are sitting in a jam packed flight with barely any legroom to stretch your legs , crappy food and jet lag oh yea the struggle is real. While you are headed to your happy vacation air travel can wreck havoc on your body in ways you can’t even begin to fathom.

For starters airplanes are enclosed spaces containing all possible germs and bacteria. The temperature and humidity is controlled and maintained at all times. The dryness in your suroundings rips off your skin and vital organs of all hydration. While dehydration can be fatal for your body some immediate short term effects include : grogginess, excessive tiredenss, dry itchy skin, dry eyes , rough hair. I can keep going but I don’t want to lull your mood.Let’s talk business, how do we stay pretty mid air in a airplane ?

Yay, its vacation time!

1. Keep Dehydration at Bay

I can’t stress this enough but you gotta stay hydrated. Make sure you keep a water bottle filled at all times and keep sipping. Stay away from alcohol and the need to indulge. Dehydration will cost you and is key in staying pretty. Water is what keeps your skin supple, your hair bright and shinny and full of energy.

2. Silk Scarf,  Neck Pillow, Eye Mask Check Check Check

Maintaining a good posture is so important to avoid body pain and sore muscles after landing. You may notice that your hair gets dry and frizzy after the fligth and one  way to avoid it is to use a silk scarf on your hair to keep friction and static checked. Using a neck pillow will help you stay cozy and eye mask will ensure a dark peaceful sleep at all times in the flight.Do read my post on jetlag for more on sleep during the flight, linked right here


Every few hours make sure you moisturize your skin, preferrably with a paraben and sulphate free body butter or lotion. You can make some at home , read my post on homemade cosmetics for the reciepe. Also keep a lip balm handy to make sure you dont end up with chapped lips.


You need your sleep, adjust your watch to the destination’s time zone and make sure you sleep enough. Take light meals and put yourself to sleep.Sleep is important to help you relax, soothes your muscles and mainains balance. If you have a hard time sleeping on planes get some soothing music on your ipods and just try to relax.You can also try meditation and breathing exercises while you are in the flight

5. Walk Stretch Repeat

Just so you know you are not chained to your seats. Take a break every 30min to 1 hour to walk within the plane and stretch your body. If you were unfortunate enough to get stuck in the middle seat of the plane apologise and still please take breaks to walk. Your body will thank you afterwards !


That’s all folks, I hope you enjoyed reading and found it help. I would love to hear your thoughts and tips on how you stay pretty during long air travel.

Much Love


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