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Writing this blog post on my flight( read endlessly long flight) from my hometown to Bangalore. Ironically enough the time I spend in the air is half of the time spent commuting to the airport.Anyway I am not going to rant about things I have no control over in this post. I have started using an app called “Breathe” to cope with problems like slow moving traffic. I often found myself getting worked up when stuck in traffic or when getting late to work despite starting an hour early. Then I decided to change and I started with short sessions for mindfulness and just focus on my breathing when I feel anxious. I speak from personal experience, it helped me a lot from getting impatient , frustrated and anxious.If you start your day on a happy and cheerful note you feel more energetic and productive.I would highly recommend you to try deep breathing everyday few minutes when you find yourself gripped with any emotion.Its a great remedy for stress.This is why my 1st favourite thing for spring is deep breathing and practicing mindful meditation.

If you know me and think you do I love food and I love butter.On an average I eat more butter and cheese in a week than most people eat in a month.A lot of my friends and readers think that I don’t have to work hard to stay healthy and in shape. But it’s not true.I exercise everyday , this includes a 45min jog two times a day – early morning and evening. That makes physical activity my 2nd favourite thing. A walk in peaceful quiet nature helps me clear mind and work through my day ,my emotions and get centred. I know you’ll be like Akansha the post is titled favourite things , the first two things you’ve spoken about are not material possessions.I hear you my friend but I think a good habit is almost the same as having a physical object.We should not wait for our body to tell us that it needs a break.




It’s spring and my garden is filled with flowers.My 3rd favourite thing is everything floral. I posted a photo on Instagram of a moist vanilla cake with edible flowers a few days back.Linked right here. Edible flowers are great for decorating cakes and cookies, not to mention they are very healthy. I will be posting more recipes of steamed tea with fresh Blossoms.I will also be doing a post very soon on homemade pure edible cosmetics. I am a strong believer of everything natural, including beauty products. Till this date I have not used a soap based face wash, I make everything at home. I swear by a very simple rule -Never put anything on your skin that you can’t eat.I also love pastels and floral prints. Here are some of my latest purchases.Hand embroidered tops in lovely peach and pink.




My 4th favourite thing would be coconut. I know you’re practically laughing hearing this one but it’s very true. I use coconut oil as a body moisturiser.Whether your skin is dry or oily or combination coconut oil suits it all.Its 10x more effective and better than any god damn moisturiser present on this planet.I will link down the one I use, I don’t work for the brand that sells oil( read : this is not an affiliate marketing post) it’s just for information.Check out my more detailed post on coconut oil and how to use it, link.Its just March but it’s already gotten very hot in most parts of India. I make sure to drink one tender coconut water everyday to make sure I stay hydrated. I fact coconut water is my favourite smoothie. Time for a confession, regardless of all the advice and suggestions I give I often times end up skipping meals.To make sure I don’t pass out of hunger I always keep some homemade energy bars.I have liked the recipe right here if you wish to try them.

My 5th favourite thing is my homemade beeswax lip balm.I made it myself and I will share the process so that you guys can make your own. I am not being biased its light years better than store bought lip balm. With the changing weather its hard to avoid having dry chapped lips. Add to it the constant ac and dehydration because lets be real none of us drink enough water you got yourself dry skin and lips.




My 6th favourite thing would be my latest purchase of the Denny Crawford shoes by Clarks ,link. I am the kind of person who chooses shoes over clothes.I have over 55 pairs of shoes and I still can’t get enough of them.Here is a little secret, I treat myself to a new a pair of shoes when I feel I need a pat on my back for a job well done. We all need motivation in life and shoes is one department where I refuse to be minimalistic.Coming to my shoes, they have a detailing in black suede while the rest is PU leather. Not only do the shoes look good they are very functional. You will never find good roads on Bangalore , pit holes, concrete traps for pedestrians to top over and fall.A good rugged shoe is a basic necessity. While no shoe can possibly survive the harshness dust and potholes in Bangalore, a good pair can at least give you a fighting chance. I know lot of people like slip-ons, sneakers and sport shoes but I don’t.Its just a personal choice , I don’t have any vendetta against sport shoes. I also love this pair of ballet flats from Hush Puppies that are super comfortable and functional for work.




I can’t stress this enough but a girls best friend is the bra, that makes my 7th favourite thing , functional lingerie. You need a everyday t-shirt bra, you need a sport bra for extra support during tough workouts and you need fancy lace ones for going out. I find bralettes are the perfect mix of chic and comfort.I think if you’re petite you would love them even more. Super cozy for all your summer needs while adding edge to every outfit you possibly pick.When going shopping prefer something with a cotton fabric and buy a trusted brand. Yes I know it will cost you a lot but good inner-wear goes way beyond just fashion, there is a health aspect that you need to consider.Synthetic fabrics don’t let you breathe and thats not good not to mention very uncomfortable.Good brands that are also available in India are – hunkemoller , enamour, la senza, victoria secret.They provide you support while not looking too bland. If you do opt for satin or lace make sure the inner lining is cotton.I would recommend you to work with a specialist at the store to find you the perfect fitting because that makes a great deal of difference.Your inner wear also accents your outerwear, and the best part most of them last 6 months so its a one time purchase and why the hell not.

My 8th favourite thing is my roll on perfume , bombshell by Victoria Secret. Its the size of a pen and it has two different fragrances, one for the day and one for the night.What I love the most about it is that it fits perfectly in my purse.A little goes a long way when it comes to perfumes. I usually apply mine on my wrists and behind the ears. The trick is your nerve endings are the best places to apply a fragrance.

My 9th favourite thing is my mauve handbag, its a reversible tote that transitions from being a work purse to a glittery glam bucket bag. Do check out my post on what’s in my bag for the deets.




Its just March and yes I know I am repeating but its freaking hot.In the blazing hot sun with 37C degrees  you need good UV protection. I think one of the best purchases I did was these vintage frames by Opium.Besides protecting me from the harmful sun rays they go with almost every outfit and I absolutely love them. This would make my sunglasses my 10th favourite thing for the fall. Since we are already on the subject on sunglasses, lets talk about the monster. Dark circles, none of us lead perfectly balanced life’s. I for one feel very lucky if I get 6-7 hrs of sleep, past few weeks have been super hectic.The biggest problem that is caused by strain and lack of sleep is dark circles. I honestly don’t know what works, whether its fancy under eye cream or potato slices or whatever. If any of you know what can be done to take care of dark circles please please please let me know, I would be forever in your debt 😀

That’s all folks.Hope you enjoyed reading, do share your thoughts and suggestions in comments down below.If you wish to connect with me or want me to write on certain topics of your interest feel free to shoot me an email at

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