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Happy Women’s Day folks 🙂 The entire week of March is celebrated to honour women. We live in troubled times but luckily most of us are blessed to have powerful strong women around us who inspire us daily to become better leaders for a bright tomorrow. I have been lucky to have around me women from all age group who have defied the laws of the society, have overly impressive careers while having it all at home. I also know of women for whom kids don’t come before their personal ambitions and that is cool. A women’s job is not to be a mom its to be whatever they want to be.I find it very disappointing to see so much hate on social media for women who openly speak on their choices and thoughts on child rearing and prioritising their personal life over family.There are instances where I see hurtful comments like a women over 30 is disgusting, gender biased and stereotype commercials, offensive merchandise with slogans that are not the right kind of message to send out. I don’t ask for special treatment based on gender but I do ask for not going ahead with an assumption that a working woman can’t be fiercely ambitious while also having a family.

Worry Less About Fitting Into Glass Slippers and More About Shattering Glass Ceilings

Let’s start teaching our daughters to worry less about fitting into glass slippers and more about shattering glass ceilings.What makes me so happy today is to look back and see the kind of progress we have made over the decades.There was a time women were not even allowed to work alongside of men. The image of a woman was the one that belongs in the kitchen and having kids and taking care of the family.No way am I despising or undermining the work of home-makers because they are the backbone of our society.All I am saying is that women are capable of taking care of a lot more than home.

The one advice I’d like to give to my 18 year old self  if  I can ever travel back in time …

Stop trying perfect , you’re good as it is, give it time it will all work out.

Speaking of fashion, in a world full of Kardashian’s be a Diana.The fashion industry is a constant reminder to us all about the new perfect women , pouty lips, hour glass figure, perfect skin.Thanks to photoshop and light-room no one knows whats the real deal. In a time without social media people lived their lives with lesser self consciousness and judgement.The market is flooded with products to help you with better coverage, smoother skin, better shape and the list goes on.Its a rough world we live in.Initial impressions matter and while I am all about being presentable going too far with laser treatments, Korean peels, cosmetic surgery seems too much of a stretch. Work on your self image first because that is where you need to be perfect.

Excerpt from My Mother’s Daughter

The key, Krasnow says, is learning to let go of the fantasy mom and embrace the flesh-and-blood woman who may hate your hair, criticise your husband, and even be confused about your place of employment. Krasnow offers a fresh perspective on how to overcome the anger, guilt and resentment that can destroy a family.

If you can’t forgive at least forget

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