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Holi is a very popular colourful festival in India. It’s listed amongst 10 colourful festivals all over the world.Being born and raised in India Holi is not just about fun it’s a tradition.Whether it’s tasty homemade snacks or getting together with family and friends Holi is all about love and warmth. I am going to be honest with you I am not a fan of playing colours or mud or however Holi is played but I will tell what to do to have the best time during Holi.In most parts of India Holi is played with colours dry as well as wet. There are herbal natural and organic variants available these days.You would hear the term gulal quite often , its dry colour and it’s also offered to god on this festival. Lot of people also like to play with water balloons 🎈 where they fill in balloons with coloured water and hit people with it. The balloon explodes leaving the person surprised and covered in water and colour.It seems quite mischievous but it’s harmless. Hey how about have this for your kids birthday party 🎉 next ? It’s a great idea for a outdoor summer party.We are going to talk about how to play safe Holi and also how to take care of our Skin before and after the festival.

First step to a Safe Holi : Colours natural and organic


Let’s get back to celebrating Holi. First let us pick our colours.As tempting it might sound to splurge on all available shades of colour I would recommend you to go for once which are light in shade and don’t have any shiny particles in it.I would avoid buying dark colours, glitter or anything that seems too strong. Again I repeat only natural, organic colours,yes they will be a little expensive but you know what’s even more expensive ? A doctors bill after Holi. Plan ahead and avoid trips to your dermatologist.Lot of synthetic colours, paints, varnishes ( yes I am not kidding ! people do use varnish ) can leave your skin irritated and cause allergies.No matter how safe a colour you have picked never throw colour in anyone’s eye. It feels very hard for people playing Holi to not apply colour or anyone who passes by com,on human courtesy dictates that we should ask before we indulge in wild splash of colours. We should respect people if they don’t wish to participate in throwing colours at each other. It’s a festival of love and sharing after all , we don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable or angry 😡.In Rajasthan Holi is celebrated along with village fairs where cattle is sold amongst other handicrafts.


Best Spots in India to Witness the Festival of Holi

If you ever plan on visiting India I would definitely put first hand experiencing Holi.The best place in India to go for Holi is in Vridhavan Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. Known as the birthplace of Lord Krishna this place packs a lot for Holi. From celebrating with natural flowers to hitting each other with sticks Mathura is a heaven during this holy festival. You will not see any part of the street in Mathura which is not decked up or coated in colour. It is very crowded and chaotic so I must warn you about that. Also people do end up getting drunk on bhang – an Indian drink made with cannabis plant and may get carried away during Holi.I think you will be doing yourself a favour by taking a local guid with you to avoid miscreants.Holi is celebrated for 5 days in most parts of India comprising of festivities and food for each day. Families get together and celebrate this festival while exchanging home-cooked snacks, sweets and well wishes.The Braj festival in Rajasthan is held every year for two days in the Shukla Paksha of the Phalgun month, a few days prior to Holi.



About Legends and the Past .. Lost in Translation

Just before the main day there is a bonfire that is burnt either at crossroads or open grounds where people make offerings.You would find huge piles of dry wood and tinder being collected weeks in advance along the sites. As an offering usually puffed rice, fresh product like wheat, herbs are offered to the fire.In some cultures only men are allowed to be present during the Holi Bonfire.While traditions get simplified and less rigid nowadays you find anyway from women men to kids partipating in the bonfire.Culturally Holika Dhehan is of a lot of significance.Legend has it that Holika was the aunt of a little boy believed to be Lor Lord Krishna himself.Holika was blessed with etc gift of being untouched by fire. An attempt to kill baby Krishna she sat on the pyre with the baby boy but instead she burst into flames. Holika Dahan translates to burning or killing Holika, a symbolic of ending negativity in and around us.



Holi in India’s Silicon Valley a.k.a total bummer

I know I had rambled on for so many lines now , so sorry about that. Holi is a festival this is filled with childhood memories for almost everyone who grew up in India( where Holi was celebrated). Sorry for putting a crimp in your day by whinning about having to work on Holi.Some of parts of India don’t celebrate Holi including Bangalore , I have to be at work on freaking Holi.I don’t judge people for not celebrating Holi but at least have some respect and declare it a public holiday. A lot of us here feel very homesick and miss out on the festivities if this great grand Indian festival of Holi.



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Skincare Before & After Holi

I am not going to make it very long, just a few things most of which I think you already have on hand.Use a good moisturising oil like mustard oil or olive oil to massage you skin and hair and even nail cuticles. Oil provides a protective layer to your skin and doesn’t let it dry out completely.Apply coconut oil for any skin allergies or rashes after coming contact with the colour.Avoid washing the colour from your skin using harsh soaps or detergents. Use a natural homemade gram flour or red lentil flour scrub to gently exfoliate the colour out from your skin.Some people prefer applying oil all over their body before playing holi as this avoids the colour from sticking onto the skin. A tip for clothing on Holi is to only wear old soft cotton clothes.Cotton doesn’t stick to your skin when wet and also avoids the colour from getting into your body.Do remember that you will end up throwing whatever you wear on holi so better not be new clothing.

Thats all folks.Don’t forget to check out my food blog for Holi special recipes, search with the tag holi or holi2018 for the deets. Hope you enjoyed reading, do share your thoughts and suggestions in comments down below.If you wish to connect with me or want me to write on certain topics of your interest feel free to shoot me an email at
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