2018 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For HIM + HER



Hello everyone, Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you 🙂 <in advance> .Yes ! Valentine’s day is around the corner and I know a lot of you are scrambling to find the perfect gift. I got you covered, if gifts are what are looking for then keep reading on. Like my previous posts on unique and thoughtful gifts keep in mind that you don’t have to get extravagant. A good gift is one that comes from the heart and is very special to the person its made for.It could be baking your mom’s favourite recipe on her birthday, a toy your child has been asking for a long time.Before I go on , in case you missed my previous posts on Gifts and DIY do check them out here and here.

Before you jump over to your closest shopping store , Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be about chocolates, teddy bears and everything pink.The core of every gift that you give should be to make the person receiving it feel special and loved.Doing the dishes, doing the laundry or taking your kid out for throwing the ball in the park could be a great gift if you have been married for decades. Its always the little things that matter.You can’t buy love you also can’t put a price tag on kind and thoughtful gestures.Its commonly accepted wisdom that you should never buy someone a gift they feel obligated and overwhelmed to give back to you.This could be something way pricey and way above what they can afford.




A Valentine’s Day Gift for Single Friends ..

There is no reason for you to sulk if you or your friends are single.What do you call a party on a weekend without a guy or a gal? Saturday night.Buy something you’ve been wanting for a long time, may be that special product at sephora or that lovely pair of earrings that you have been putting off for a long time.Go take that a vacation that you have been wanting to take. I would just say don’t put off things for a better time, enjoy it in the NOW.There might be a time you would be craving for some ME time. Trust me I haven’t anyone who is married with kids and NOT wanting some ALONE time.So go ahead give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy your amazing single life while you can.Nothing comes without strings attached, be it love, a relationship or even friendship.The only unconditional love you ever get would be from your mother and may be your family but that is it.Yikes! the reality hurts but its true so get used to it.I am not asking you to be bitter and angry I am only asking you to be aware of whats important and whats not.




A Valentine’s Day Gift for HER

Women are so easy to buy for. I might be saying that because if you’re a woman you know exactly what you need. Every person is unique so your choice of gifts may vary.Depending on how close you are to ‘her’ you can be a very good judge of what she might want. A comfortable snuggly rug screams valentine’s day ,thought its a bit unconventional.Now there are women out there who love stuffing their beds with soft toys but not all of them like it (me included ;)). In that case get your creative juices flowing and buy something special- jewellery, lingerie, edible gifts, bath & beauty DIY products.A lovely bouquet of flowers is quite warm and welcoming no matter how cliche and traditional it might have been. Heart shaped chocolates yay or nay ? I am going to leave this one to you.I would recommend you to discreetly check in with your woman on what she really likes to avoid an awkward surprise. We get it you are not a mind reader and we can help !




A Valentine’s Day Gift for HIM

For men, on the top of my head, please do gift him a self grooming kit. Most men would love to know and receive a gift that helps them look the best.You could buy them a BirchboxMan subscription that is filled with surprise gifts for men.A faux leather jacket would be perfection and I am not just saying it. Jackets are not just trendy for men its like a magic wand that pulls together every outfit.Regardless of how shabby their clothes are a jacket could be a perfect signature gift for men.I am sorry but I am not going to say buy a watch, that is just too cliche and so unimaginative.A pair of frustration proof no strings sneakers; tag your gift with no strings attached 😉 <pun intended> If you find your partner interested in beer ,do feel free to gift a beer making kit, who knows they might just find a new hobby?And then of course there is memorabilia from their favourite fan fiction movies-star wars, cartoons etc.

If you believe in the gift of food love, then do hop over my food blog and check out its latest section; spotlight for some valentine’s day special savouries that you can whip up in a jiffy. Hope you enjoyed reading, do share your thoughts and experiences in comments down below.If you wish to connect with me do drop me an email at mailto:theclosetweekly@gmail.com.

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