Must-Haves for the Rainy Season

For those of you in Bangalore you would have already faced nature’s fury and the fiercest of unpredictable rains.In this post I am going to be talking about some useful tips to take care of yourself during the rains, whether you step out of your house or not. Of course keep an umbrella and or a raincoat always handy.More importantly though your Skin, Hair -overall health needs special care during the rainy season and so do your shoes.If you are in any part of India you would know the condition of the roads and the perfectly camouflaged pot-holes sitting around as silent killers.To keep sake exercise precaution at all times when walking during the rainy season.Talking on your cellphone and walking isn’t an option.Remember, everything can wait.Resistance of the body is considerably reduced in the monsoon season. To avoid fungal, bacterial and viral infections you need to make sure you stay dry and even if you get drenched immediately change and take a lukewarm shower.Use essential oils like tea tree oil and thieves oil to fight infections and build immunity.
Monsoon sure does provide respite from the blazing sun and the dry heat but the damp and humid air brings a lot of struggle for your skin and hair.You need to cleanse your skin very well and make sure you take a lot of vitamin C and anti-oxidants to avoid skin infections.Fuller’s earth,sandal powder,neem,turmeric are by their very nature anti-bacterial.Read more on these in my previous post on 10 best kept beauty secrets here.Use these natural ingredients as cleaners /scrubs/packs to keep your skin glowing and moisturised naturally.
Hairball is a common problem during the monsoon season. Using hair masks will help strengthen the hair and promote growth.Detangle hair both wet and dry with a wide-tooth comb only.Take oil massage with a good light hair oil I recommend moroccan oil /argan oil to use as a base.Avoid hair wet in the rains, as the pollutants in the rain may weaken the shaft bonds, making your hair dull and limp.Stick to a shampoo of your choice.Fizzy hair is a common issue , be patient and don’t stock up on anti-fizz products they are not good for your hair.Instead use natural conditioners like curd,avocado,amla,fenugreek,shikakai to reduce fizz from hair.Dandruff,Oily Scalp and Hairfall are the 3 problems which come as a part and parcel of monsoon.
Its not possible to stay indoors all the time during the rains so I would suggest to take few measures before stepping out so that you don’t end up cursing the weather and enjoy the rains.Invest in a sturdy umbrella and carry it along even if it makes your bag heavy.I would suggest buying a raincoat to avoid ruining your clothes and catching a cold due to drenching in heavy rains.Regarding your wardrobe , during monsoon keep aside all leather goods you have, leather tends to spoil very quick if wet.Stick to washable sneakers,say no to pencil heels and flats.Carry or keep a pair of flats if you wish to wear them but don’t inflict torture on your expensive shoes by walking in them all around in puddles and wet mud.Carry a waterproof bag to keep all your gadgets in when in transit.Keep your hair tied in a ponytail when out in the rains to avoid unnecessary tangling and breakage.Keep the makeup very light and subtle,you need to let your skin breathe.
Hope you enjoyed reading, do share any tips you have for the monsoon season in comments below and subscribe for more.
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