Getting over fear , How to Reach Your Goals


How to reach your goals? Wow , thats a toughie . Everyone has different goals and different obstacles that they need to overcome.We all shy away from anything that makes us uncomfortable. It could be a irrational fear, a thought anything stopping you from achieving your dreams. As hard as it is to confront our fears its tougher to admit that you have them in the first place. Have you ever let your emotions get the best of you ?Have you ever acted out of sheer impulse and no thought? Have you been driven to insanity in a fit of rage or uncontrolled anger?I am not judging neither do I ask you to share. Please bear with me while I help you journey through your own inter-web of thoughts.I want to help you free yourself of the constraints you have put upon yourself. Its you who are stopping yourself from being the next best ___ fill in the blank.The toughest to get past are  fears imposed by childhood trauma and torture. You don’t have to be a psychologist to know that.Amidst all the other dark places in your heart where your childhood traumas and secrets go is hidden courage.Its high time ! lets make some room.

Jealously is a green eyed monster, a feeling so strong that it makes your stomach pain.Lets face it loud and clear we all get jealous.It could be that over achieving friend of your or your neighbour who just got a promotion while you’re stuck in a dead end job for the past 5 years.We have been the green eyed monster or been stared by one. It makes me very uncomfortable to admit but I too have been affected by this vice for quite some time.We all have our ideals and people we look up to.But the purpose of this post is not to spread bitterness or speak ill of others. Leaving out the gruelling details lets focus on how to centre ourselves away from such negative emotions.We all fake to have perfect lives. We all are hypocrite when it comes to showing off on social media or seeking validation from other friends, Its human nature to seek for validation.Whether you work hard to show off your success or seek praise from your family and friends its all a pointless exercise. Ultimately the only thing that matter is the self image you have of yourself.

To get going with your life and achieve dreams you need persistence even more than passion.The whole world goes crazy about passion and love.In my opinion nothing works without persistence.You may enjoy doing something a lot but everything comes with its set of difficulties the hurdles you need to overcome to become the best. I remember seeing a TED talk by a college professor who was suffering from a terminal disease once. In his moments of despair when asked what inspires him and how did he get so successful ,he answered smiling. The walls are for the other people; to keep out those who don’t want it bad enough.I was kind of taken aback by his simple words. How many of us stop or get blocked when we don’t even know how close we are to the finishing line.The night is indeed the darkest before the sunrise.

The walls are for the other people; to keep out those who don’t want it bad enough

Whenever we start something new , our mind tends to push us in the opposite direction ,literally the shortest path is the one with the least resistance. Our bodies are tuned to comfort and its hard as it is to work against the grain.What if we were not bound by fear ? What if we did not think what others would think of us if we failed? What if we could take that risk ? What if we could take a leap of faith? Can you imagine a world without any limitations? One where you could achieve your full potential ? How great would it be to live each day doing something phenomenal. Trust me there is no better ale in this world that even meets the joys of success. Success is addictive. It is the best intoxicant that you can ever have.Once you’ve tasted success , you wont find peace in anything else.

Be a do-er , get hands-on.If its something totally new don’t be afraid. Get started , something small and eventually to make it bigger. Humble beginnings lead to grand finishes.If anyone underestimates you or tells you , you cant do it take it as a challenge to prove to yourself not them that you are good enough.90% of people on this planet doubt themselves. Women being a major percentage. Women doubt themselves even more. According to a survey women are more likely to rank or rate themselves lower in the workplace compared to men. This is biological and unfortunately the reason why women get paid less.I know I am digressing but its very hard to not talk about self-doubt when on the topic of achieving goals.Let us free ourselves from self doubt and self pity.We want to grow. Growth comes with sacrifice. Get up Get going , the universe likes speed , the universe likes action and your efforts will be rewarded sooner or later.

I know some of you may say after reading this , geez but I don’t have the skills I need , I don’t have the money I need for my amazing business idea I don’t have the enthusiasm I need ,I don’t have fill in the blank your excuse.For whatever excuse you have , I only have 4 words —  start where you are. You must take the first step to this awesome journey.I am sure you’re going to love it.Hope you enjoyed reading ,do share your thoughts in comments down below.I would love to know your favourite makeup trends and what you wish stuck in and what you wish went.If you wish to share any ideas or suggestions feel free to write to me at

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