How to Detox, in 10 FoolProof Steps



New Year is almost here. Let us begin the new year after completely detoxing ourselves.Detoxing and cleansing are two ways to naturally keep your body healthy. Often confused , detoxing and cleansing are two separate processes.There are so many detox plans out there , juice cleanses , enough to confuse one. How do you pick and decide whats best for you?First and the foremost thing, before starting on a detox diet make sure you make a plan. Making a plan and following it religiously is very important for any fitness regime to work. Don’t be too hard on yourself when coming up with a plan. Start small and them improve it as you go.Drastic changes are usually not recommended when starting a special diet.Slowly take it as your body adapts.Morning is the most important time for your cleansing and detox ritual.Start your morning with either some lemon water or apple sider vinegar with honey or just an extract of holy basil.Keep it by your bedside and you will never miss it.
While you take your morning constitution breathe the fresh air and let your worries go. Be grateful and happy for what you have. Feeling happy and satisfied is very important for your mind. A happy mind leads to a healthy body. Even if you are not feeling your best, be grateful and relax. You don’t have to fight every battle today. You don’t have to get everything done today.After this is done , you will feel so energised, all ready to take over the world. Before getting disoriented in myriads of distractions , make a to do list for your day. Its very important to centre yourself and assess your priorities for the day before getting started. Not only is it a great habit, it reduces your stress too. Instead of being in auto-pilot and being out-of-control you would know what you’re supposed to do and when you’re supposed to do it.

10 Steps to Detox

1. Make a plan
2. Morning Rituals
3. Exercise & Meditate
4.Soak your feet in epsom salt along with baking powder and few drops of essential oil
5. Soak the sun and mud pack
6. Hair and Skin Care
7. Alkaline diet
8. Apps you could use
9. Practicing mindfulness and centering
10.Stay at it
Take at least 15min out daily for mindful meditation.If you feel lazy , then simply use your commute time when you’re stuck in traffic to meditate.There are so many useful apps these days that help you meditate. Click on the free downloadable image below to get the full list of apps and tips to help you meditate.For exercise, simple stretching and a long walk for 20min is enough to keep you fit. Its good to may be do yoga or play a sport thrice a week but its ok if thats not your thing.Banana’s are an excellent source of energy and boost your serotonin level.Banana’s are an excellent source of energy.They also tend to boost your serotonin level. So ditch the glass of red wine and take a humble serving of bananas on a bad day. Avoid adding milk to banana, banana milk shake is very famous but its recommend not to mix milk and banana.Spinach and pomegranate are again superfoods that help to cleanse your body.Add them to your daily diet.




 Once a week soak your feet in hot water with epsom salt and baking soda. May be add in a few drops of lavender oil to it. This is very effective in cleansing your body of toxins. Its a great way to distress yourself after a tiring day.If you can early morning , atlas on weekends soak the sun. Sun is the natural source of Vitamin D which is very important to keep you happy and healthy.Vitamin D deficiency can lead to bone pain, depression, insomnia. It can also aggravate and show as other serious ailments. So make sure to keep your vitamin levels in check. Also make sure you consume enough green leafy vegetables, lentils, garbanzo beans to keep your vitamin B12 up to the mark.Its a fat soluble vitamin which is usually found in meats and non vegetarian foods.
People on a vegan or plant based diet are prone to be deficient.Vitamins are essential for absorption of other elements like Calcium,Iron.Its needed for your skin.It regulates your energy levels. So be very careful about vitamin D and B12 if you’re on a vegan, vegetarian or a plan based diet.


 A hot mud pack can help you detox your skin very well, so try to do it may be once in 15 days. Or use some coupons and go to a fancy spa. Body massage, scrubs and hot mud packs are perfect to rejuvenate your tired body.Coming to hair, avoid blow drying wet hair as it tends to dry the scalp. Try air drying or may be adjust the setting on your blow dryer to low. Drink a lot of water as it tends to flush out toxins.A serving of two fruits a day is enough to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Remember a balanced diet is all you need. Try to keep your diet alkaline. Usually we tend to binge on fast food and aerated drinks which have a very low pH. Low pH means that the food is acidic. If we consume very acidic food, our body tends to drain out. Acidic environment is the root cause of most diseases. So to keep your body’s pH in check, indulge in fermented veggies like sauerkraut, kimchi.Drink fermented beet kvass, radish soup. Not only does it balance your pH it is very good for your gut.


To draw yourself a detox salt bath you’re going to need epsom salt, rose petals,baking soda , salt and essential oil of your choice-lavender,lemon,orange.Add it to lukewarm water and see the difference in your energy level.


Hope you enjoyed reading.
Happy Detoxing 🙂


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