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Quoi Porter is a fresh phrase which translates to What to Wear


Quoi Porter is french for ‘What to Wear’ which sums up the dilemma every woman goes through in the morning.Don’t we all want to stay up to date with the current trends and wish to have couture in our wardrobe? But what happens when we go out shopping and find the cost exceeding a weeks paycheque ?Do I really need that pair of boots? Should I spend 10k on that exquisite leather biker jacket? to answer these questions go ahead.It all boils down to one burning questions should I splurge or should I save.To sort out your dilemma on splurge vs save, I’ve crafted this post to guide you through the decision making process.


When going to shop buy classic splurges-items that will stay in your wardrobe for atlas 6 months and the ones you’ll wear multiple times.Make sure you shop  basics before  couture.Believe it or not, there is a method to buying expensive clothes, in order to maximise style for the price you pay.Here is a magic formula you need to keep in mind “Cost-per-Wear” which equals Cost /Number of times its worn.


The Magic Shopping Formula   ‘Splurge’  vs  ‘Save’

“Cost-per-Wear” = Cost /Number of times its worn


The Cost-per-Wear number is handy when you can’t decide the actual worth of a piece and draws the line between IMPRACTICAL and MUST-HAVES.Time is of the essence on Black Friday because inventory is limited, and deals go quickly. To ensure you get in line before everything is picked over, we compiled a list of Black Friday store hours at major retailers. Make sure to check with your local retailer, as hours may vary by location.It can help you decide between items you want to splurge vs those which will be big savers.Items with very high Cost-per-Wear should be avoided as a part of your splurging section of wardrobe.You should build your wardrobe with well-made staples and supplement them with cheap accessories.I’ve listed down below a list of items worth splurging on.
Flattering Jeans
Classic Dress
Perfect Pair of Nude Pumps or Black Heels
Multi-purpose Bag
Funky Jacket
Well-fitted Blazers


Accessories can always be under $10 buys unless you need to splurge on a swaroski or diamond earrings or a old bracelet for a special occasion.Brands that look splurge like on a budget include-Zara, Forever21, AND PROMOD, Desigual.





Nevertheless the struggle of refreshing your workwear and your wardrobe can be a daunting task. Everything these days is expensive be it a pair of casual denims or formal trousers.I would recommend you to shop in times of discounts and launches.Keep your shopping cart ready and bill when you get free coupons or otherwise.Some items will come on sale within a months time and clearance sales can be quite effective to stock up on trousers, shirts ,tees and denims where the styles doesn’t go out of fashion.Make sure you’re on track for your basics and essentials.


Plan what your outfit will be the night before to avoid wasting the wee hours of the morning and draining out your energy.This goes a long way and reduces the daily mental fatigue of picking an ensemble to wear. You wont realise you would be tiring yourself out making trivial decisions and choices be it for clothing or accessories or what to eat.Plan these the night before and you will realise you have a fresh boost of energy and feel much more refreshed throughout the day.Freeing your brain of useless trivial decision making will make you more productive at work.


Where to Find Affordable Fashion?
  • As I mentioned earlier watch out for sales and discount coupons.There are quite a few e-commerce websites like Myntra, Amazon, Koovs which giveaway great items on surprisingly low prices during sales.Keep a track of the sales and offers by downloading their app.Set an alarm to avoid missing discounts on specific days.
  • Look out for luxury brands and try to get the same items in knock-off sales or get them
  • tailor-made.Investing in a good tailor will go a long way in custom fitting your clothes as well as helping you getting designs stitched instead of buying in stores.
  • Go shopping the first day of the sale, the later you go the worse it gets.Sizes go unavailable real quick.
  • Brands like Max,Pantaloons,Bata,People,Aureila are very affordable and they have started coming up with good designs also.For items like essentials,tees,scarves go ahead and
  • bulk buy at these stores.Invest in monochrome pieces as you can style them for almost any occasion.
  • Buy in local stores and during carnivals, a little bit of street shopping never hurt anyone.You can get some real good stuff in places like Goa,Commercial Street in Bangalore,Janpath,Chandni Chowk in Delhi.YES you’re right I mean THRIFTSTORE FASHION.I was never a brand freak myself and I believe style can exist in the most unexpected places.Thiftstores have a lot of vintage and gypsy styles.
  • Get creative with your DIYs , add a trip of tribal fabric or some lace to a thriftstore jacket and creative awesome designs for yourself.


Thats all for now, hope you enjoyed reading.Share in comments about your shopping habits for dailywear pieces in your closet.

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