How to Mix ‘N’ Match Outfits

Did you happen to open your closet and feel like you have nothing to wear? Well first the struggle is real and you are not alone. We all have faced it. You might be a very demanding shopper and despite having an array of items to wear just can’t figure out an ensemble to pick.This post has got you covered.We will start with some examples of basics like denims and jeans pairing with shorts tops and even sweater dresses. We will learn how to create a set of outfits for the entire week with just 6 pieces of clothing. We will not skimp up on minimalistic accessories, shoes and bags. All you need is just enough to get by.
As you would have read in my previous post the minimalist Closet , read here in case you have missed ,you don’t need to empty your bank to own the perfect wardrobe. Follow the pyramid of success to a perfect closet.Start with the basics , add a few signature and or couture and just a little bit of bling to jazz it all up. Go to thrift stores and pick some vintage accessories for almost a dollar. Whenever you travel always visit the local souvenir shops, the street shops, trust me they have the best kind of accessories you need to make a difference. It’s nice to have a few pieces which cost you a bomb for special occasions.Nevertheless it never hurts to fill up your closet with some thrifty daily pieces that you would end up wearing way more than the expensive pieces.



Before you jump on to shopping for more, take your time and have a look at this awesome info graphic (credits: INTO MIND) that explains you how to maintain your wardrobe throughout the year.It explains the retail cycle ,the wardrobe cycle and the maintenance cycle to cover different aspects of clothing sales.Retail cycle is when new merchandise hits the stores, it might be fresh arrival for the season and well as items that might go on sale very soon.Then you have the wardrobe cycle what you’re currently wearing.Then there is the maintenance cycle where you sort of need to do mini updates to your wardrobe to keep it tailored to the current season.



When going to shop buy classic splurges-items that will stay in your wardrobe for atlas 6 months and the ones you’ll wear multiple times.Make sure you shop  basics before  couture.Believe it or not, there is a method to buying expensive clothes, in order to maximise style for the price you pay.Here is a magic formula you need to keep in mind “Cost-per-Wear” which equals Cost /Number of times its worn.

The Magic formula  “Cost-per-Wear” = Cost /Number of times its worn


The Cost-per-Wear number is handy when you can’t decide the actual worth of a piece and draws the line between IMPRACTICAL and MUST-HAVES.Time is of the essence on Black Friday because inventory is limited, and deals go quickly.The perfect way to mix and match outfits is to start off with neutral pieces.Lets talk daily Street Style. Choose two shades of denim, one in blue and one black , pair it with tees in shades of white grey black nude.Add a shirt or a cowl neck for some jazz.Accessorise with a gorgeous pair of studs and a delicate necklace.Based on your day, pair them with sneakers, kitten heels or boots.Add a scarf for the windy days and may be a lose fitted sweater when you find yourself reaching for something warm.


Up-cycling is another great way to spruce up your old boring clothes and convert them into truly signature pieces. Have you ever thought of up cycling your clothes ? Trust me it’s not that hard. All you need is a few things which you can order online or buy at your local crafts store and you’re in business.Have a look down below at this simple white shirt which has been transformed into a lovely vintage shirt with old pearl and bead necklaces and stick on birds.




You oils be surprised how you can turn your regular white tee into a couture trendy styled tee.Turn your old clumpy sweater into a runway signature piece.Add lace detailing to the neck and hemline.Add a few pearls to bedazzle the shoulders and sleeves.Sew on an old necklace to glam up the boring round collar of a shirt.Things you need to up cycle are few and quite cheap.I have included the list down below.


Fabric Glue

Needle & Thread

Pearls & Beads



Fabric Paint

Hope you enjoyed reading. As you know I love to hear from you, share our best thrift store purchases. If you wish to share any ideas or suggestions fee, free to write to me at ,

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