On being a Millennial



Hello , let me introduce you to myself. I am a millennial.A millennial is anyone born between 1980 to 1995. Usually called lazy, entitled and hard to work with by the older generation.There is some serious backlash we receive being a millennial. I get it with every generation the gap keeps on widening.Every generation finds the next one more and more hard to deal with. Although its a tad bit unfair to assume that if you are a millennial you would be lazy.Agreed a lot of us have good education, in debt from student loans and trudging through the hardships in life. We are hooked on to our cellphones and social media is our life.Some of us are very hardworking.We enjoy open cultures and collaboration at work.We don’t distinguish work and play.We believe in extended workplaces at work.We enjoy unconventional experiences at work.


In an economy which is soon to be mostly made by millennials may be could go a bit easy on them.After all its the baby boomers who made the generation Y who they are.Got to take some credit for it.Yes the Generation Y is tough to deal with in the workplace.They come late to work and leave early.They seem to have pretty self involved lives outside of work which seems to piss off the older generation.Its not that they are inefficient, like most say they need a bit more focus.Being an efficient multi-tacker comes with a price.Motivating millennials is way more complex than following the carrots and sticks method.




Millennials need to feel valued and awarded for good performance.We value high visibility over anything. Of course money is a key driver but there are other factors too.We don’t value stability over risks.We want to grow faster.We lack patience.We wouldn’t stay at your dead end job even if you promise a consistent salary.We love to be challenged and thats what drives us.Millennials thrive in flexible workplaces.Millennials enjoy working in communities of mutual interest and passion – not structured hierarchies in most places.


According to a latest study- this will surprise you ,millennials are workaholics.Here is a link   for you to have a look at. Millennials are known for being alpha-influencers.Coming to fashion, millennials mostly shop online and prefer anything personalised.They would opt for something functional and affordable over a high prize tag.Having said that its important to note that millennials do splurge on items they value truly.Making a statement be it with sporty outfits or pinks thats all a part of the DNA.We see a lot of influence of the 80s fashion in the 2017 spring summer collection targeted for the Gen Y.Love them or loathe them the millennial are a powerful force.A force that won’t just shape trends but also impact the culture all over the world.



Social Media Marketing for this generation needs to go completely digital.Since millennials are always hooked on to their mobile devices the best way to engage them is online.Companies would need to target their customers through technology.Going digital is no more just an option its a need for survival.


Hope you enjoyed reading.Do share your comments and thoughts on the topics, I would love to hear your experiences of dealing with a millennial or being one 🙂


Much Love


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