How to Promote your Blog?



First I would like to thank you all for the overwhelmingly positive response to my previous post “How to start a blog“. I have received quite a few requests on promotion of blog and efficient social media marketing strategies that work.This is a post to give back to you all for all the encouragement I have received.Are you too busy to schedule your posts leave alone promote them? Have a 9-to-5 job that keeps you busy during hours of peak customer-engagements ?Are you feeling stuck up and unable to grow your audience? Are you experiencing poor search and analytics results? Is your bounce rate very high?Do you suffer from 404 errors/broken links on your website?Is your website loading too slow?Do your servers have constant downtime?This post has got you completely covered.Lets get started.


Last year I took some time off and completed a course by Kellogg on Social Media Marketing.Its called what is social.the course exposes you to various tools at your disposal for effective marketing of your business. There are tools that help you analyse customer behaviour and traffic patterns.Social Mention and Bluemetrix are such tools. There are tools for sentiment analysis you could use.For effective scheduling of your posts there is hoot suite which helps you connect your website to all social media platforms.


For selecting a title and topic for your blog you can use Google Adword Search.You can connect your blog to google console and add in google analytics for search engine visibility of your website.Not only all of this makes it easy to manage your blog its very efficient for people with hectic work schedules.Coming to where all you can promote your website.There is conventional Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+.Then there are places like Stumbleupon, Medium, Quora which can help you get a lot of traffic to your blog.


For effective graphics I suggest you master adobe photoshop.Meanwhile start using tools like video scribe, theme forest to setup a website which has a unique personality.Spend some money on a custom interactive theme.Think and Create a beautiful website.The most important components on your website are the landing page , the about me page and the CALL to action strategy.Selecting a good readable font can go a long way in improving your subscribers and regular readers.Make sure your website isn’t so heavy that it takes forever to load, thats the biggest turn-off and leads to higher bounce rates.


  If you are on a budget you could spend like 20-30$ on a good theme and then add in plugins to improve your website.These are plugins that are my personal favorite and I would recommend you to add to your blog’s website.



Yoast SEO
Sumo Me
Broken Link Checker
Pin It for Pinterest
Nextgen Gallery
W3 total cache
Google Analytics WD


I have taken some time out and prepared these worksheets which will help you in the creative process of blogging.It would also help you to organise and schedule your posts better.You only need 30hrs a week to make a mind-blowing awesome blog.


So to recap we covered :
SMM tools at our disposal -hoot suite,bluemtrix,google console,analytics,keyword search
Learnt about the places to promote and how
How to effectively use graphics and fonts
Which WordPress plugins to use
 Free download-ables FOR YOU


Hope you enjoyed reading.Do share your thoughts and ideas in comments below, will love hearing back from you.


Much Love

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