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It’s been some time since I wrote my first two posts on how to buy a smartphone.A lot of new phones have come in the market since then.Quite a few new features introduced and your needs changed as well. There are things in the market you didn’t even know you needed. That’s the beauty of capitalism. In case you have missed them I will link them down below.Previous post1 and post2 I suggest you go through them first to get comfortable with the basics of the shopping guide, what features suit you and what don’t. I don’t have any personal recommendation for a phone, it totally depends on what you like. Also I am not working with any of the Phone Manufacturers to be inclined towards a certain brand or kind of phone.


New Features that have been recently added to smartphones include, 3D touch, Fingerprint to unlock phones /make downloads/payments ( my favourite feature, trust me it saves a hell lot of time and is convenient ) , High End Cameras , Larger Batteries  with Quick Charge 3.0 supported and on and on.I have listed them for you, so make a pick and move ahead. I have a surprise for you, and I know you’re going to love it.This post contains affiliate links, please read my Disclaimer Policy for more information.


Amazon has got an amazing collection of almost every smartphone on the planet. You can browse millions of phones from the comfort of your couch .


3D touch
Batteries with QC 3.0
Always Listening, OK ! Google ,Hello Siri


Now if you go over to CNET or any other website , they will list a rating adjacent to a phone. The higher the rating the better the phone. Make sure to check the criteria of the rating before making a choice only based on the rating. Do your requirements match the criteria put aside for the ratings ? if yes go ahead else keep looking . There are like a zillion smartphones in the market right now and its impossible for anyone to talk about all of them. But we can discuss the most popular ones and the ones that suite everyone. We will talk about three -High End , Mid , Low End.


Before we jump on to our list of phones what do you think makes a smartphone smart ?Share what you think in comments 🙂


In a nutshell , a good smartphone for you is the one with has your choice of operating system , I would say iOS over Android for ease of use. One with has the right screen size to help you carry it around without feeling uncomfortable. One which fits your pocket, this is the most important criteria. You don’t have to splurge if you don’t need to.One with a good camera, lets face it , we all are using our phones as cameras now. Very few would actually spend $400 on a DSLR especially now that we have fancy phones with amazing camera quality.




When it comes to battery buy at least 2500 mAh ( this means that if you’re using your phone to a average to high load (read music ,GPS Navigation , Bluetooth, FaceTime/Video Call) you will run out of battery in like 2.5-3 hours) unless you’re buying a iPhone where power is optimised very efficiently. Apple runs its own software stack over its assembled hardware and tests it for like years before rolling it out to market, so they are the best at it.I have linked down below the best Smartphones in each category, you can simply click the link with the banner down below to review the specifications and details.


Best Smartphone for value : One Plus 5
Best Smartphone for Camera & Usability : iPhone 8
Best Smartphone Under $250 : Moto G5 Plus
Best Smartphone for Kids: Moto G Play 4th Generation
Best Smartphone for Battery Life: Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom


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