Fight Like A Girl

fight like a girl


A year back I wrote this post titled “Fight Like A Girl” when I got very moved by a huffington post article .A soul stirring article here inspired me to write this blog post.I am been working on this post since several days but haven’t found it complete till this point.Thinking of the trauma and stress both physical and emotional that they have to go through sends a chill down my spine.90% of women after having been diagnosed with non-metastatic forms of breast cancer survive but the struggle is quite expensive , its a painful journey and like every war it leaves you with scars.Women fighting this battle alone need a lot of emotional support and confidence to come back to their usual self.


Its an extremely sensitive topic to write on and haven’t seen personal instances of people suffering and surviving from breast cancer.It’s so troubling to know that breast cancer affects 1/8 women all around the world. These numbers seem to be growing and are a constant reminder to us about how fragile life is.What is it that’s causing cancer to be so widespread.Is it hereditary ? Is it our diet ? Is it the stress from our hectic work schedules? While there is isn’t much concrete evidence as to the cause of cancer, there are contributing factors that can help alleviate.Certain vitamin and micro deficiencies are found associated with reducing our body’s natural defence system.
Now let’s address the elephant in the room. Cancer if diagnosed early can be cured.Yes there is hope.The treatment however takes a significant toll on the patient.Both physically and emotionally draining.I have personally spoken about the journey to curing cancer to 4 women in my own family and friend circle who have successfully battled cancer.Keeping a healthy and positive attitude was a highlight of what everyone says.
What do you need to know about Breast Cancer?

    Its not a grandma disease women in their 20/30/40s get it
  • Men can get breast cancer too
  • Not all lumps are cancerous
  • Its not hereditary , cases are sporadic in nature
  • Denser breasts tend to develop cancer more easily
  • Extreme fatigue that doesn’t go away
  • Aches prolonging for more than a week
  • Pain in the upper shoulder region


Diet can help lower the risk, avoid drinking smoking as this increase your chances of getting cancer.Eating anti-oxidant rich food goes a long way in preventing cancer.some foods can make your body the healthiest it can be, boost your immune system, and help keep your risk for breast cancer as low as possible.Avoid taking processed meats and reduce your fat intake.Tomatoes, fresh organic fruits and greens are considered not only to be good for health but also build immunity to fight infection.No cancer can survive in an alkaline body so switching to a alkaline based diet reducing acidic food content and regulating the overall pH of your body goes a long way.Check out my Friday Detox post on pH balancing diet here for more information on healthy eating.


Fighting cancer requires a strong will and patience.After recovering there are special bras that will comfort and prevent injury to the chest region. Found some good links online for brands that design intimates for breast cancer survivors.Made available in India by brands like 

Battling cancer is particularly hard for women with young kids and family.Not only do you need to get well for yourself but there is a lot more dependent on you.The stress of your loved ones to watch you go through so much pain is the worst of all.The social stigma and negativity around cancer is so bad.If you want to silence a room full of people just say “cancer”. It’s not that people don’t care it just that they don’t know what to say.Silence hurts more than words.A word or two of support, a warm reassuring hug can go a long way in helping someone in their fight against cancer.


Love and support from your family and friends goes a long way in the fight against cancer

Dealing with chemo is so far the worst experience one can have.It leads to hair loss for most people.For women their hair and breasts are important.Not only does this make the disease more visible it also affects the self confidence.Mental health and stability is very important when it comes to fighting terminal diseases.Its natural to feel defeated and depressed but keep holding on.Start each day with the thought that you’re getting better.Your thoughts will help you cure you.Being positive will help you power through the pain.


Chronic pain is a huge personal burden.It interrupts you daily activity.Mindful meditation can go a long way in helping you manage chronic pain.Breathing exercises are quite helpful in dealing with chronic pain.In the smartphone era we have quite a few apps that help.Some of the good ones are:

  • Stop,Breathe & Think
  • Mindshift
  • 7 cups
  • Headspace

Coming to supporting others with cancer,let’s show a little compassion.So next time instead of cold silence express your emotions ,give a warm hug to someone battling his monster.Post breast cancer recovery , a lot of women need special support and care.Sometimes the cancerous tumour has to be removed and sometimes the entire breast tissue.After surgery lot of women need more comfortable and supportive brassieres.A shoutout to all clothing store that provide special care bras.


My heart filled condolences to those who fought bravely and lost.A salute to proud and strong women who won the race.You are no less than a warrior and you are not alone.

Much Love


Go for medical checkups if you come across any anomalies during a home breast exam.Hope this post was  informative and help in increasing breast cancer awareness , stay healthy.Share in comments any personal stories that you might like for people to know.

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