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Shoes , who here reading this post is not obsessed with shoes ? I wont be surprised if you are one of them. Shoes can bring to life almost any outfit. No wonder they are so important when it comes to dressing up. The market is flooded with brands and styles of shoes and sometimes it can be very difficult to make the right choice. Well that is why I have written this post, to make your shoe shopping a little less stressful.Before we jump into buying shoes lets understand the components of a shoe, ‘the anatomy’ if you will.


Most shoes (regardless of whether they are flats or heels or sneakers or a sport shoe) have three components:
Toe Box
Sole & Insole Lining
 Whenever to decide to buy sure make sure to measure your foot size, your toe size and also the width of your sole. I know the last two would be a surprise to you. Well most of us have different shapes of feet. Some have webbed or broad toes with a tapering heel or some have uniform width all throughout. This is very important in deciding the kind if shoe or the shape of the toe box that works for you.If you have a broad toe box in your shoe, its going to be very comfortable but doesn’t look that stylish.


From the evolution and history of shoes if there is anything we have learnt its that the more narrow and tapered the shoe the most pretty it looks (read patriarchy, women were pushed to stuff themselves in tight corsets and narrow shoes just because men found them attractive). There were cultures so extreme that lead to permanent deformation of female feet at a very early age just so that they could fit in ridiculously narrow shoes.Not that we have to comply to it, but thats how the culture of those times affected the fashion trends and now sneakers are the hot trend. Isn’t it exciting how things have changed
For history buffs out there …
Women’s Studio Workshop: “im-ped-e-ment (1991) by Cheri Gaulke This book investigates abuses of women’s feet and footwear through the ages—from ancient Chinese foot binding to high-heeled shoes of the present. Personal and historical narratives illustrate the results of cultures’ enduring foot fetish. After reading this one, you’ll never be tempted to squeeze into ‘just a half size smaller’ again.”




Comfortable accessories that help you wear even the most uncomfortable shoe on the planet. Lets jump right to the list.I find moleskin tip extremely effective in preventing blisters and shoe bites.I use Dr Scholl’s moleskin tape, purchased right from Amazon. I also use Insole liners for shoes that don’t have sufficient padding for the arch and the heel most importantly. This is the one that I have, its free size and reusable. You can stick it in any shoe, you can cut out the outline of your feet and then fill it in. What I find very helpful for shoes that hurt the ankle region and the back of your feet, yea I know you know the pain are these stick-able heel pads.


Various kinds of shoes


Heels , comfort tips. Buy a bit larger in size when compared to your other footwear.You can happily insert heel pads , insole liners without having to worry about your shoe getting tight.If you are wearing a very narrow closed heel , tape together your thumb and fingers, this will prevent bruising. If you are a newbie to heels , start with a broad chunky heel or a wedge not more than 2 inches long. Gradually move over to higher narrower heels.


Sneakers & Sport Shoes, first perception , they are chunky huge heavy and hard to pick especially if you have tiny feet.Try picking sneakers or a less wide shoe from converse or sketchers first. Once you get used to the feel go picking out running shoes. Make sure that your legs have just enough room. For hiking shoes make sure you have a bit of space between your toes and the shoe. The insole should not be bruising or brushing your feet away, this is very important because there is a lot of friction when you either brisk walk or run or hike or just play a sport.Buy insole liners if you cant find the right fit for yourself.


Cleaning dirty shoes , isn’t that a hot mess. Well you need to learn how to take care of shoes if you want them to last long. Especially if you’re in India, its not a surprise that even one small walk in the streets lead you with muddy, dirty , torn shoes.I will provide you with a list of products which I always keep handy for maintaining and prolonging the life of my favourite shoes.I have also linked down below the place you can buy them and good offers that you can avail.


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