Winter Skincare , Don’t Blame it on Genes



While winters leads to cracked lips and scratchy skin for some of us Summer doesn’t hold a happy story for the skin.The dry heat cracks your lips and dehydrates skin which unfortunately is very tuff to moisturise because if you choose a very moisturising variant well its summer – Sweat !! As a result for summers I rely on only home based natural skin care products, I avoid using my favourite scrubs or creams that because of the chemical content don’t blend well with the skin texture.

Usually skin care products are marketed with skintypes-Dry,Oily etc but I am going to talk about body types(Prakriti, check blog post on Friday Detox to find your Prakriti) and how it influences your skin.People with Pitt have to take a lot of care during summers because their body temperature is high and that can appear on the skin in the form of dryness ,scars or de-coloration.
1. Morning & Night Skin Routine
Follow you morning skin routine to repair your skin and avoid damage from the sun.Night is the time your skin and in general your body has to recover from day of stress.You are going to need-Aloe Vera, Almond Oil,Rose water and Lavender Oil.Clean your skin with a cotton dabbed with rose water.Apply Aloe-vera before sleeping on your skin to moisturise and reduce the heat.Soak dry fruits-almonds,walnuts,dates,munnaca.Morning start off with a quick almond oil skin massage and take a handful of dry fruits with honey-lemon water as your first meal.
2. Taking Oil Bath
Apply Gingelly Oil all over your body before taking bath.This will reduce body strain or aches and also moisturise your body. Gingelly oil has good amount of calcium content and that absorbs through your skin.
3. Using Natural Face Masks and Scrubs
I prefer a homemade version of face masks, I never buy store sold masks simply because I don’t know and can’t be sure whats in them.
Dry Orange&Lemon Peel-.The one I use at home is EDIBLE and tastes like DRIED ZEST.Its crucial that you use 100% pure products.I mix a spoonful of this with  milk,saffron,turmeric and rose water; leave it on for 5-7min and then wipe with damp cotton balls dipped in cold water.I prefer this one after returning home after a hot day in the sun.Reduce the amount of milk to half and use this as a scrub.
Gram Flour- Its known and proved for years to be a perfect ingredient for skin care.Its moisturising properties are the reason why your grandma gave you a gram flour turmeric based “upton”-body mask for kids.I prefer mixing gram flour with turmeric(kasturi is the best variant for skin) , saffron,cream and coconut oil.Leave it in for 5min then rinse.Again increase the oil content to twice and use it as a scrub.
Honey based-Honey is perfect for getting a natural glow and cleansing your skin of dead cells.I suggest using honey with equal parts of turmeric and lemon.Apply it for a couple of minutes then rinse gently with cold water.
Mud Based-Mud is great to provide respite to your skin from the heat and also calms down the burns.Mix mud(fullers earth) and rose water and apply the paste to the skin all the way till you neck.Wash it with a dab of cotton dipped in water.
4. Healthy Gut=Good Skin
You can’t have a good skin without a healthy gut.Probiotics help the gut retain good bacteria that keeps it healthy.Increase the amount of probiotics you consume-Curd/Yoghurt is the best source.Emotional states (stress), like anxiety and depression, have the ability to alter gut flora so make sure you relax and follow a detoxing regime that works best for you.
5. Increasing Intake of Vegetables and Fruits
Fresh vegetables and fruits will not only keep you hydrated but will help you have all vitamins and antioxidants that will keep you healthy.A balanced diet will help you stay stress free and alkaline -acid pH balanced will keep diseases at bay.See Friday Detox-pH Balance for how to.
6.Antioxidant Rush
Green tea has high amount of antioxidants and prevents ageing.I agree it tastes extremely ghastly.I have myself never been able to come on friendly terms with organic green tea.However the Japanese variant ‘Matcha’ doesn’t taste that bad and when consumed in smoothies or shakes tastes pretty good.
7. Friday Detox
Pick a day to pamper yourself and your skin, relieve stress and worries from your life.Keep calm , anger has a very bad effect on your stomach and that inherently shows up on your skin.Take a bath in epson salt+essential oil+baking soda, this detoxes and balances hormones and the pH level of your body.
Hope you enjoyed reading, share in comments what you do  about your skin. if you wish to connect with me or share any ideas or suggestions feel free to write to me at

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