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Its a jungle out there. Be it beauty products, cosmetics or daily essentials the choice keeps getting tougher and tougher. Here is a little bit of help. I will talk about my favourite 5 products this season, feel free to give them a try. I know I have.There is a common question I often get and I am going to answer it. What is a BB(Blemish Balm) cream? CC(Colour Correcting) cream ? DD(Daily Defence) cream? How do you pick a concealer for your skin tone? How do you pick a foundation? powder, cream or water based? Which mascara to buy ? What are the versatile lip colours you can buy?
BB,CC,DD creams first gained popularity in Korea and now have taken the world by storm. While each of them have a tinted moisturiser as base, each has a different purpose to serve.BB creams provide least coverage, better for younger women looking for a little pick me up.The CC cream or complexion/colour corrector is enriched with Vitamin C and E.It helps to reduce redness, acne, decoloration and uneven complexion.DD creams are definitely the dynamic duo power of BB cream and CC cream.If you are looking for an anti- aging solution.
Plum eye liner can really whiten the whites of your eyes, so try it on instead of black eye kohl for once.Use a tiny dab of highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes. Not only does it open up your eyes it also makes you look fresh and young.Scrunch your hair when they are damp for a off the bed, just woke up kind of look.Use almond oil instead of face cream if you have dry skin and notice the glow and shine.This post may contain Affiliate Links, read my disclosure policy for more.Now coming to my favourites , I would start with a  BB cream, the one by maybe line is easily available light and blends well. I prefer the one in shade light because that matches my natural skin colour. I like the coconut base shampoo by ogx, its very light and gives a good shine after wash. Its free of sulphates and not too harsh for the hair.
A handful of almonds in the morning, I know I know they don’t count as a beauty product but if you have them you probably wont be needing a lot of beauty products anyway.Next I would say by Burt’s bees beeswax lip balm , its unflavoured, very natural, keeps the lips moisturised and plump.For my Lips I prefer a neutral nude lip stain or sometimes just a butter gloss in baby pink by NYX. Its light, natural and gives a youthful appeal without drawing too much attention. Its perfect for daytime.
 I prefer using organic cold pressed oils like almond oil ,coconut oil and grapeseed oil over any synthetic moisturiser in the market. They are pure , natural and have very good results for dry sensitive skin.If you were to ask me to pick between eye liner and mascara, I would pick mascara. I like the eyelash sensational which curls your lashes and gives them that volume. It does  not clamp up so thats why I like it. last but not the least for some texture, I like a sea salt spray by Ogx to finish off a simple chic everyday look.
Hope you enjoyed reading, do share your list of must have beauty products in comments down below.
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