10 DIY Uses Of Essential Oil

Essential oils are very helpful in creating a positive state of mind and balance life-stress anxiety. Featuring in this post-“Soulflower” a brand with amazing products which I personally love and keep handy for almost anything.From the sweet aroma of lavender to the stimulating fragrance of Lemon oil, Soul-flower essential oils ignite your senses and enliven your body. Packed within these pure, botanical essences, you’ll discover rich therapeutic properties that are so unique and special.It might be a single, potent oil that elevates your spirit, a blended formula like stress relieving oil that promotes calmness and clarity, or a massage oil that restores harmonic balance,they have got you completely covered.
Your skin and hair is also putting up with your daily stress and need pamper it to get back the healthy supple and soft skin. Add to that the unavoidable dust and pollution on a daily basis and needs a constant scrub and care.In todays post we will learn how to use essential oils for well-being and balance in life.I will be talking about 4 daily scrubs-rosemary,coffee,lemon,rose,that can be converted to easy to use body-washes which I will shortly share with you how.Then I will be covering my favourite face and lip care solutions with a base of sweet edible condiments and essential oils.We will also be learning about 4 unique oils to use for skin and hair mixing a carrier oil with essential oil
Adding Essential Oils to your Daily Scrubs to Making your Own Body-wash
Now to make it simpler understand that for any scrub the base is sugar+carrier oil.Sugar acts as the natural exfoliant and the carrier oil moisturises and blends everything together.
The easiest and most economical and also my favourite scrub is the coffee almond scrub
Its rich and nourishing and very easy to prepare.Start off with cleanising the skin with a sugar based scrub which is gentle exfoliating not too abrasive.Mix carrier oil-coconut oil along with a cup of ground coffee,almonds and granulated sugar to form a paste.This is a great way to get rid of cellulite and moisturise your skin naturally without facing any side-effects.
Solution to stubborn tan,dead-skin,black & white heads is the lemon-avocado scrub
Using harsh abrasion like oatmeal can further damage skin cells and lead to patches.Further for removing tan people go though a lot of painful procedures ,simple DIY lemon and avocado based skin scrub can work wonders to get rid of tan.You can also used real avocados instead of using the carrier oil and use a lemon to apply the scrub.
So what you have to do it mix a tbsp sugar with 7-10 drops of lemon essentail oil and half lemon squeezed and a medium sized avocado minced.You can add honey if you want shine.Use the squeezed lemon and rub it gently in circular motions on the skin to apply this pasty mix.
For those with sensitive skin a good scrub that you can use is a rose-sugar scrub
Ground fresh rose petals into a paste like consistency. Mix with sugar,lavender essential oil,almond carrier oil and form a smooth scrub. Further you can add a body wash like olay and you can have a lovely home spa 🙂
Looking for anti-bacterial,anti-fungal solution during the rains? rosemary-sugar scrub
Mix together honey with orange,rosemary essential oils,sugared a cup of granulated sugar till its combined into a fine paste.You can also use  grounded rosemary leaves and mix them in for better results.
Face-Lip-care  for your daily dose of exfoliation in the dry heat and stubborn winters
For the face you need to be more gentle, a very soothing face scrub is made with  strawberry , olive oil,sugar and honey.Massage gently upward in circular motions, then rinse off with cold water.
For soft pink supple lips use cocoa butter with jojoba oil.You will be surprised by the wonders this mix does.Its almost magical 😀
Essential Oil Hair Oil Combinations for Common Ailments
Haven’t you spent enough on hair-spas and massages?let me save you some trips to the salon.
For damaged hair and to prevent breakage use Bhringraj oil is truly nature’s elixir.Its very effective and the results tend to show up within 4 weeks.
To get rid of dandruff one of the best ways is to mix lemon oil+coconut oil and give a daily massage into the roots.
To prevent premature greying of hair use castor oil along with coconut oil and massage it gently onto the roots.
For a itchy scalp mix together lavender,peppermint and lemon essential oil in a carrier oil like olive and massage daily for better results.
 Want to dive deep? Watch out for my post on Soulflower Essential oils coming soon on the blog.But for now thats all.hope you enjoyed reading,do leave a comment below and share your experiences.
Much Love

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