A Memorable Trip to the Capital of India – New Delhi


Delhi is a land of so many flavours. There are so many places for street shopping and uncountable number of handicraft shops all over the place. Above I am wearing an embroidered white kurta with a Handloom Patterned Indian jacket panel work. I got this while thrift shopping in Central Delhi, Janpath.I had been meaning to write this post for quite some time but for some reason I kept forgetting.I have been to Delhi quite a few times as its near my home and the city and the capital of India is exquisite and so colourful.It has a lot to offer when  it comes to food, fashion and sightseeing.


So one of my close friends from college is getting married in Delhi.Besides the wedding I also had some sightseeing and food safari on my mind.So here is how I organised my travel essentials and planned my time.Key to a happy trip is effective planning and packing light.So all I have is a backpack and a small trolley as luggage.I would usually limit to a rucksack but then because there is a Indian engagement it can never be minimalistic.I also took a print out of the Delhi Metro for ease of travel and marked the areas I would like to visit and best routes to travel.Considering you have to be worried about the safety aspect in the city.I mostly travelled during the day and said indoors past the evening unless with friends.Below are the two dresses I took along with me.


In my  In my backpack I carry items which I would need on immediate basis.These include Wallet , Cash, Tissues, Sanitiser, Toiletries, Energy, Power Bank, Bars , LipBalm, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Id Proof, Water Bottle, Garbage bags, Notepad and Pen, Book.In my trolley bag I carry clothes, accessories, shoes, makeup, spare foldable handbag.Anything that doesn’t require immediate usage.Unless you are visiting Delhi in the summer months from April-September make sure you keep pollens handy because the plains experience extreme cold weather.





Delhi has so much to offer in terms of food, from street food to elaborate diners and restaurants.I will give my review on the ones I tried, trust me not a single one had bad food. Dramz, Lodhi Garden Restaurant, Parathe Wali Gali, Indian Coffee House, Haus Khaz VillageStarting with draw, it has a great view of the Qutub Minar and absolutely delicious food to offer.Lodhi Gardens again just phenomenal ambience in midst of nature and a lounge kind of atmosphere.They have their own herb garden so you can be assured to have your toppings completely fresh.



Chandini chowk’s Parathe Walli gali has the world’s best parathas and the style of making them is just awesome.Its luxury comfort food with lots of ghee and butter.It is however quite crowded and the lanes are quite narrow.Indian Coffee House is the best place for a serious or casual conversation.The place is situated in a dilapidated building which I feel works to its advantage. The entire area has a rustic vintage feel to it.You feel as if you are transported back in time to early 1950s.The waiters still dress in perfect white suits and turban and  so its a tradition thats has survived the test of time.What I love most at the Indian Coffee House was the Masala Dosa, their Sambhar is one of a kind and the buttery dosa goes so well with it.Beware of the monkeys though, especially if you are sitting outside on the roof.You will find huge troops of Monkeys playing around.





If you are in Delhi you are up for a shopping extravaganza.The best places to shop are the streets at Janpath, Connaught Place, Chandni Chowk for knick-knacks ,accessories; Dilli Haat for handicrafts; Sarojini for almost anything and everything.Warning though most of these areas are super crowded so beware of pick pockets.Also most of them are street vendors so carry cash and it might be difficult to find an ATM sometimes.Like  I mentioned earlier this trip was to attend the engagement ceremony of a college friend , I went to one of the famous street henna artist. You can see the magic happen photos down below.






Make sure you have enough space in your bag for a carry on because if you in any way like me you would just want to shop shop shop in Delhi and have a space crunch in your baggage.


Delhi has quite a few places to visit,This includes Qutub Minar, Humayun’s tomb,Lotus Temple, India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhavan,Lodhi Gardens, Red Fort,Jantar Mantar to name.They all remind of the rich cultural heritage of this city.There is so much to learn from the past and being around these architectural marvels will just fill you in awe.The impressive architecture and stone carvings which have stood for decades still and curated by the tourism department of India.


India Gate and Rashtrapati Bhavan is best visited during night when they light up the entire area and the crowd is at its best.The entire area will be lined with street food vendors selling all kinds of Indian Snacks for you to relish while you take a tour of the breath taking monuments.The rest of the places have an entry and exit time so you got to stick to it.The Delhi Metro actually works and is a comfortable and affordable medium of transport from one part of the city to another in less time.

All in all when in delhi be like delhi, eat to the fullest and travel as much as you can.You will need to take your time to completely see all the attractions that this place has to offer.


Hope you enjoyed reading, share your thoughts in comments below.


Much Love


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