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Gardening is almost therapeutic in nature.The first step to being a good gardener is understanding the fundamentals. Whether you are seeking advice for your flower garden, vegetable garden, or simply your lawn, I have compiled all the best gardening tools, techniques, tips and tricks to help your garden flourish.No garden, no problem. Bring a little green into your life with your very own greenhouse. Bringing together for you the best tips and tricks for maintaining healthy, lush indoor plants.There are few things more satisfying than growing your own food.This post is inspired by Martha Stewart’s home gardening post. You can read it right here.


However, maintaining a vegetable garden isn’t exactly the easiest — strawberries can be shy, lettuce tends to be a little stingy at first, and tomatoes? Those are feast or famine. Whatever it is you are growing, here are some vegetable garden ideas to gobble up.I will tell you all you need to get started on a simple quick and easy home gardening kit and where you can buy it .I recommend mud pots over cement or plastic or synthetic polymer clay based. Mud not only ensures proper drainage but also keep the plant cool and the soil porous and airy.Also since mud is very natural and organic its free from chemicals usually present in polymer clay or plastic.A complete guide from seeds to soil to the tools you need to get your own garden on a budget. Doesn’t that sound lovely ?


Things you need to Get Started a.k.a Home Gardening Kit


Potting Mix

Pebbles and Stones

Clay Pots

Homemade Manure


Watering Can


Gardening Notes


Well you may ask why should I grow my won food ? there are lots of great reasons to grow your own food, but I’ll stick to our favourites: You know exactly where it comes from.With the advent of growing GM crops and pesticide usage it’s best to grow your own food and eat as organic and healthy as possibleBy working the soil organically, you help the environment. And of course, vegetables taste infinitely better when you cultivate them yourself.So, whether you have a big plot or just a few pots, read on, and get ready to roll up your sleeves.There are three basic ways to grow edibles: in containers (pots), raised beds, or the ground. When deciding which to go with, weigh these options.




Put edibles that require similar amounts of water and sunlight in the same bed or container to maximise your space and streamline your tasks.Some plants can be grown together while some need their solo space.Herbs can also be grown in mason jars with very little water and sunlight.


I also prefer using homemade products for face wash/body scrubs etc so I often end up having a section of my garden filled with medicinal plants
In this post I will cover how to grow and also step by step tutorial for the same, down below you can see the vegetable and the how to start quick tip for it
Vegetable -to- be  Grown How-to-start
Potatoes  Healthy potatoes with eyes and sprouts
Onions Left over shoots/bulbs from kitchen thrash
Herbs Seeds from the farmer’s market
Okra Seeds from the farmer’s market
Cabbage Left over head of a healthy cabbage
Gourd Plant from the farmer’s market
Tomatoes Seeds of tomato
Lemon Plant from the farmer’s market
Tangerines Plant from the farmer’s market
Radish Leftover base/bulb
Mustard Dried seeds from the Farmer’s market
Fenugreek Dried fenugreek seeds


Now coming to medicinal plants
I prefer boiling the leaves of this plant and adding it to my bath water, Not only is this a natural antiseptic the citrus fragrance and pigments give a  natural refreshing feel to the water.
It’s an active ingredient for my lip scrub and milk and honey body scrub. I also add it sometimes to bubble milk bath. It’s effective in clearing up skin and also gives a soothing fragrance.
I find this best to apply directly cut from the plant, best for sun burns and dry skin; there are other uses like drinking aloe-vera juice but I have never been able to drink it (tastes v ghastly)
Active ingredient for hot-oil treatment I love, for hair-fall control and beautiful shinning hair.Minced leaves and flower give a beautiful hazel shade to the hair.
I add it to my tea, I add it to my soup and to drinking water for a holy touch
My vegetable garden
In every Indian household onion tomatoes potato coriander are staples for any meal. Here is tomato plucking for salad.


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