How to Make Personalized & Unique Gifts

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Let us make Holiday Gifting even more special with PersonaliZed & Unique Gifts.Black Friday sale is just a month away, lets get ready for Thanksgiving & Christmas.Prepare your shopping lists way in advance and be relieved of last minute stress and panic.Holidays are the best the part of the year. They are also the most stressful. Picking the right gift, making elaborate meals, can get frustrating at times. And some people are so hard to buy for. In this post I will be talking about gifts both DIYs and the ones you can buy from the comfort of your couch for each one of your special friends and family.


Gift giving is an art and like most arts requires creativity and attention to detail.I am also adding links to my favorite Pinterest links where you can find some brilliant creations.While I would suggest to keep it simple with a gift card for fussy people but for your nearest and dearest sending thoughtful gifts are always appreciated.There are some handmade gifts you can make at home sparing a few hours over the weekend.Handmade gift cards , bath salts and scrubs ,cake mixes ,cinder toffee, are few of them.Framing a photograph of you with them or framing a printed map having the path navigated by you as a memorabilia of a great fun trip.


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A gift for furry friends
Ball of yarn, scratcher hammock or just some cat nip to nibble on for your furry little pet.


A gift for the “baker” friend , bake a cake or just send some love in form of tiny trinkets and bakeware. Pack them with red ribbons and parchment paper for a rich feel.

A gift for the DIY lover,check out my Pinterest board for this one.Lots of simple and easy creative gifts in store for you. Linked down here .


A gift for the beauty expert , every one would love this collection of bath salts, fresh from the sea. I like this one by SF Salt Co, link down here if you like to check out. For a 1:1 experience go ahead and visit their stall by Pier 39. You can mix & match salt flavor blends as well. My favorites are the California BreezeLavender and Bubble Fun.They have this pack of three, which is what I usually buy, its got dead sea minerals , lavender and eucalyptus.
If you find them visiting the nail spa too often, try this gift. Give them a collection of gel nail paints.You would be able to give at least 5 different shades for just $10. You can also gift them an entire kit which contains, UV nail drying curing lamp, Gel Nail coats (top & base) and a Mood Changing Nail Paint. How great is that ?


A gift for the “photographer” , a Fujifilm instax camera , have a look here. A Canon DSLR 1300D for amateur to beginner, its pretty , don’t believe ? see this. If you know that they are looking for a lens to add to their photography equipment , this ones a must-have.


A gift matching the temperament of the person


Starting with my personal favourite is to have a gift that matches the temperament of the person you’re gifting the gift.So can be personalising their favourite items ,coffee mugs, pillows, food items.Baking a batch of muffins filled with love is one of my favourite gifts.Sharing a recipe for their favourite foods or buying them something they always wanted to have.S’mores here


A gift that is useful in nature to the person its gifted to
Moving on to essentials ,handy gifts that are particular useful in nature.Mason jars filed with beauty items ,homemade scrubs, snacks, candy.Baby gifts to a new mom, registry gift items to a newly wed.Here are some ideas for love in a mason jar.


A gift that is as quirky and funny as it can get


Your friends are those with whom you can get as crazy as you want to.Tees with customised logos,music compilation,a photo collage ,calendar are good to go.Give a random box of crap , take a carton box fill it with crushed papers and in between add tiny gifts like toothpaste, maggi , music cds ,anything symbolises your time with the person.Don’t shy away from making some honest gift tags like the ones you find at this hilarious blog post.


A gift that is formal and  reserved for picky  people
For the picky friends and relatives pick a gift card or coupon.You don’t want to be the one to put someone in an awkward situation where people don’t like your gift and at the same time can’t refuse it out of human courtesy. Identify such people well in advance , it will save you from a lot of trouble of going through the pain of picking the right gift.


A gift  that  they  love to add to their jewellery collection


A elegant and lovely gift is jewelery and trinkets made with love and care.Being a huge fan of organic and homemade stuff myself I love the idea of buying art supplies pearls ,rhinestones ,laces and coming up with my own creations as gifts.A hand woven bracelet conveys love much more than a store bought gift.Here is a beautiful tutorial on how to make leather bracelets.


Also incase you missed check out link for the best gifts to buy.Hope you enjoyed reading, do share your thoughts on comments below or write to me at ,I love to hear from you all.


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