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So you have setup your website, you have blogged for say 6 months.You are getting some traffic and you’re on fire . What next ? Lets make the route to financial independence. OK ! we hear you no pressure. How about a little extra cash to stash around for all those guilty purchases/splurges around the holidays? How about a trip abroad ? What if you could pay your mortgage ? When it comes to dreaming sky is the limit my friend. You can grow your blog and make it whatever you want. But the big question here is , What do you want ? How much do you want ? that is a question you need to answer before reading any further. I want you to sit down with a pen and paper and really write down a number, the number should indicate how much money you want at the end of the year from your blog.


“Google AdSense is a program run by Google Inc.that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, and rich media adverts that are targeted to site content and audience.”


What is Google Adsense ? I am sure most of you know it which is why you landed on this page. But if you don’t its ok 🙂 When advertisers pay Google to run ads (with the Google AdWords program), if they opt to show their ads on Google’s Display Network, then their ads will show up in the “AdSense slots” on participating web sites.Now in this entire post you will see banners in red titled “ACTION”. To help you on your Google Adsense journey I would recommend you to complete the actions in the order they are mentioned.


Now I am hoping you completed the action 1 and are all set. You know what you want and now you would learn how to get it.Before we jump on to applying for Google Adsense, lets see if our website is ready. First step , we are going to check our websites SEO.Go ahead and read my post on SEO right here before proceeding any further. We have to make sure that our posts have good readability, SEO and contain the right focus keywords. I would always make sure to login to Google Adwords and take the extra mile to find the right set of keywords to add both in my searches, tags as well as for using throughout the post.


Apply for google Adsense
Post approval of google Adsense setup your account
Setup ad units
Google Adsense policies
Rules for ad placement
Plugins on your website for ad placement
Payment/Tax settings on the Adsense account page
Ledger for expenses and earnings
Debugging Issues with Google Adsense

Just to recap, make sure your post title is of a good length with focus keywords in it. The post should have at least 600-900 words. Make short sentences in active voice. Include enough whitespace to provide ease to readers. No paragraph should be more than 100 words.You know the drill.
Now that our website is all set for SEO, lets hop over to understanding our audience and their response.Its very important to know what your customer wants. Only when you have truly understood the need of your readers , can you deliver high quality content and get high traffic. Add a tracking code from Google Analytics to analyse your traffic. This will help you understand which posts help you get more traffic. You would know your optimal posting times. You would know how much time your readers spend on your page and based on that understand the best ways to engage them.If your bounce rates are over 60% then wait before applying to Google Adsense.


Login to googleadsense.com with a google account of your choice. Submit the address of your website and you’re done. It typically takes 3-4 days to get a response from google . Don’t be disappointed if your application is rejected at first. Mine was rejected twice.I got my Google Adsense approval on my 3rd try.Resist the temptation to reapply immediately after a rejection.I would recommend that you wait at least 4 weeks before reapplying. In these 4 weeks, re-read your posts, check your website design and boost your traffic.Once you have got approval from Google Adsense move on to the next step.


Login to Google Adsense and create ad units for your website. Rules from Google mandate a maximum of 3 ads per page.Make sure to adhere to it. I prefer to create a responsive ad unit that adapts according to the search history of the reader. So say the reader wants to make a purchase at amazon, when he/she visits my website they would see ads from amazon. I hope that clears the concept of adaptive responsive ad unit. Install a plugin called Ad Injection to automatically inject ads into relevant pages and make sure Google Guidelines are followed. Shown below is a sample ad unit, select “automatic size” and “responsive” in the Ad size option on Google Adsense.


You would need to set the payment modes under settings (see above image). Create a PayPal account if you don’t have one already. To better manage your earnings keep a ledger.Once your Google Adsense account is approved and you have added ads to your website you should see the ads appear. If they don’t appear or your see blank squares and rectangles , wait for a day and write to google about it. Google usually takes like a day or two to before letting you display ads. Any queries feel free to write to me using the contact form under ‘CONTACT‘ tab on the website.
Some terminologies that are commonly used in Google Adsense are:

  • CPC: Cost Per Click – The amount that publishers gets when visitors clicks on the Ads. It could be from 10 cents to $2 or even more.
    • Money earned =CPC X No. of Clicks/day
  • CTR: Click Through Rate – How many visitors click on those ads. If 100 people came to your site and only one of them clicks then CTR is 1%, if 2 clicks then CTR 3%, if 3 clicks then 4%.
  • Views: Total number of impression blogger receives for his blog.
  • Visitors: How many people came to your blog.


Now you might ask me , give me a number. How much traffic do I need to make $100/day from Google Adsense. Well, here is the math.It totally depends on your average click per rate.To generate that many clicks from your websites, you need to drive at least 10x more visitors. That means if you want 200 clicks a day, then multiply it with 10. If your website has an average of $0.50 per click then you need 200 clicks a day to make $100 each and every single day.That is, 200 X 10 = 2000. So you would need 2000 daily visitors to make $100 every day from Google AdSense.


I would highly recommend you to read Google Adsense Policies. Google is very particular and can ban you anytime from using Google Adsense. Even if you had say $999 in your account , it might be banned.So make sure you take the time to read the policies.You can find details right here. You can also drop me a mailto: theclosetweekly@gmail.com stating details of the issue you’re experiencing with Google Adsense.Hope you enjoyed reading, do share your thoughts in comments below.


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