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How to make personalized gifts for your friends and family this Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.Home decor to awesome gifts and everything in between.Create personalized and customized gifts for your friends and family this Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. No need to wait in endless queues at target filling up your shopping list and registries.


This post is all about creating something special , something unique that reflects the personality of the person the gift is for. We are going to keep it very simple but at the same time feel free to experiment. DIY is all about taking creative risks, sometimes it turns out well sometimes it doesn’t. Its an expression of yourself.DIY specially during the holidays can be a very stress relieving activity.Its like creating something wonderful on a shoe string budget, from the comfort of your room, sipping hot tea or cider and munching cookies.
Its the month of Christmas. If you wish to decorate your home with some Christmas wreath, try this simple and easy tutorial for it. Lets trim up our garden and prune trees , yes that is what I did couple of weeks back at home, but instead of throwing away the pruned branches, creepers and flowers I used them to make my own Christmas Wreath. Not only is it easy to make it looks absolutely gorgeous handing on the door or wall in your shed.Its a attractive home decor item and costs nothing and comes life from the scrapes from your garden.Without further adieu lets go ahead and make our own “Christmas Wreath” Just to make it easy to follow I am adding images for each step.


You can do so many things at home, all you need is some creativity and few items from the hardware store. Things you need : rope, wood glue, string twinkly lights, fabric paints , air-dry clay, plaster of paris, wool or any coloured yarn, string and thats it.You can see my woven basket, string light calendar, vase on my desk. For more items checkout my Pinterest board.


1. Woven basket
2. Bath Soaps, Scrubs and balms
3. A no-knit curtain with pom-poms
4. Custom jewelry
5. DIY Calendar
6. DIY Photoframe
7. Vintage inspired photo display, print transferred to medium: wood , canvas , candles.
8. DIY bracelet
9. DIY keychain
10. DIY Cake Mix / Candy/ Chocolate Bark


Hope you enjoyed reading, do try out the DIYs and share your experiences in comments down below. If you wish to connect with me or share any ideas or suggestions you can write to me at mailto:theclosetweekly@gmail.com


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